How to combat hypertension with 5 easy lifestyle changes

What is Hypertension?

Hypertension is associated with higher levels of blood pressure in the arteries. This is observed to be common but perilous heart disease. As per the medical diagnostics, the blood pressure of the range 120 over 80 mmHg is considered to be normal. Little more than this range can create serious health problems. According to the analysis made in this field, we come across the fact that this health issue has enhanced majorly due to an overstrained lifestyle, poor eating habits and no exercise.

Sheer avoidance of health has escalated over the years. People do give time to fitness and look after themselves but still with ill-timed junk food munching and no physical activities, paves way for many unanticipated and fatal health issues. In the case of tenacious blood pressure problems, diseases like atrial fibrillation, heart failure, stroke, coronary artery disease, and chronic renal illness can happen.

A little care like that with simple lifestyle changes, can eradicate this danger and eliminate the risk of developing any kind of disease. Getting a free BMI calculation can be predictive of early detection of obesity and a dietitian may be able to help with a preventive measure by helping you losing weight. Otherwise, medicines start occupying space in our lives more than anything else.

Let’s take a look at the lifestyle changes that can be made in order to combat hypertension easily:

  1. Use less salt in meals Higher amounts of sodium in the diet can develop the chances of hypertension. Excess of sodium minimizes the kidney’s ability to eliminate the extra water from the body which in turn enhances the pressure on the fragile blood vessels. Conclusively, there is a certain strain in the bloodstream causing hypertension. Thus even a slight fall in the salt intake can do a lot good to your body.  Usually, there comes a decline of about 3-4 mmHg with the reduced usage of salt in our meals. Kick out hypertension by eliminating too much of salt in your food.


  1. Regular workout – Exercising on a regular basis can help control hypertension. A good workout of at least 30 minutes each day is considered very healthy. Health experts suggest that physical activity has proved beneficial for lowering blood pressure up to 5-6 mmHg. Workout not just helps controls the blood pressure level but also extremely favorable to maintain a healthy weight and body mass index. So just by sparing 30 minutes from your day, you can maintain a healthy blood pressure level and eliminate the risks associated with hypertension.


  1. Reduce sugar and carbs in your diet – A diet with fewer carbs, sugar, and fats is found to be healthy in order to prevent hypertension. There comes a certain fall in the amount of blood pressure with the reduction of all of these. Studies tell that these ingredients worsen the effects of hypertension. High blood pressure is encouraged with the addition of carbs and sugar in a regular diet. One can cut down on these and can surely expect the blood pressure to pacify.


4. Choose meditation and deep breathing- Managing stress can bring a positive change in our body. It is not just soothing and peaceful but also, it encourages good health. When it comes to hypertension, meditation and stress management can do wonders. Practicing meditation helps reduce high blood pressure. It helps energizes the parasympathetic nervous system which leads to pacify the bloodstream and resulting in lower blood pressure levels. This is not confined to meditation only. One can also take up practicing deep breathing, yoga, laughter therapy, etc. in order to control higher blood pressure levels.


5. Quit smoking Tobacco increases blood pressure. It inflates the walls of the blood vessels and confines the arteries. The confinement of arteries strains the heart leading to severe heart issues. Smoking is thus considered unsafe and unhealthy. It not just develops problems in the heart but also deteriorates the lungs. The nicotine adds up to ruin the proper functioning of the heart. Basically, smoking is nothing but a health hazard. And it should be avoided as much as possible in order to keep up the good health.

There are some more lifestyle changes that can be taken into consideration to combat hypertension. Despite the seriousness, hypertension carries, the simple and proper measures to prevent it can save us from a lot of harm.

Other than the above mentioned five easy lifestyle changes, one can look for the following measures as well:

Ø  Avoid junk food

Ø  Avoid alcohol

Ø  Eat food which is freshly cooked and is with less fat

Ø  Add medicinal herbs in your meals

Ø  Sleep well

Ø  Don’t skip exercise


So, with these simple and easy lifestyle modifications, we can definitely combat hypertension and stay healthy!

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