How to add good fats in your diet to reduce weight?

You must know the good fat or bad fat

We are on a March to the very concept of staying healthy and fit instead of actually knowing what factors are responsible for the same. We just have an underlined idea, not a detailed concept. Marking fats as a taboo to health. We generally cut down their use and consumption not realizing how effective the role they play in our well-being.

Type of fats

There are 2 types of fat good and bad fats. Good fat is the one rich in unsaturated fat and undergoes minimal processing. The unsaturated fat is in the form of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. They are a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids and saturated fatty acids like la-uric acid. They act on the body as a shield from a heart attack, cancer and Alzheimer’s. With the idea of reducing calories, people cut down carb but simultaneously cut down fats too, likely only protein serves the purpose. This proves the feeling of being starved. So, in order to maintain a balanced body weight always feed high on fats when low on carbs.

There are tons of healthy and tasty foodstuffs to bandage your appetite. If you relish a non-vegetarian cuisine but cut down your choices due to high fat then you are mistaken. You can choose to diet on fattier meat and fish. Fattier meat doesn’t mean you can grasp a chicken breast. You can feed on fatty fish like salmon, which is healthy, tasty and fatty too. Depend on a tablespoon of butter to caramelize your food, you can even use coconut or olive oil to add richness to your boring salads.

Sources of Good Fats

Feed high on cod fish liver oil. It has vitamins like vitamin D3 and A along with omega 3s. Add a bulk of eggs and nuts to your breakfast. You can stew an egg to poach on an avocado slice and serve with salad and onions. The eggs are high in cholesterol, but they do not raise blood cholesterol. Being Omega 3s enriched it adds health. The nuts are enriched with fats. , Handfuls of them a week can suffice you with vitamin E and magnesium. Avocados are an excellent source of monounsaturated fats and are delicious too. The overall combination adds Amino acids and bulk of nutritional benefits to the diet.


You can process some dark whipped cream to your coffee and That could probably make you reduce the appetite sensing you are starved in the afternoon. Eat some mayonnaise and guacamole. High–*/Fat nutrition goes with almost everything. Prefer homemade mayo with eggs avoiding nasty vegetable oil. Use olive oil and yoked eggs.

Snacking Ideas

Fetch yourself some fatty cheese as a raw snack to replenish the mid hunger craving. Appetite dark chocolate cubes ensuring high Cocoa content of 70-90 %. They are rich in antioxidants and healthy fats. You can even relish a punch of organic beef, tuna, and whole eggs. Plate a low steamed bacon furnishing sauce like Bearnaise that is home to butter and egg yolks. Turn the chips packet to peep through the label, well mark the use of high – oleic oil instead of normal traditional vegetable oil.

Caramelize your tooth to banana peanut butter ice cream. A vegan ice-cream with lots of punch of unsweetened peanut butter will go good for a mid-evening snack. Make a green power smoothie to relish a good sum of yogurt, lime, avocados, and spinach. The smoothie besets all hunger problems maintaining the good fat levels. Drown to the baked egg in avocado to punch your morning start. Raw vegan fudge brownie with almonds chocolate nut and butter would palpate your tounges

Stay on a healthy fat diet to maintain. Your cholesterol levels .the good fats are the ones responsible for maintaining the high levels of LDL i.e. good cholesterol and shields the risk of heart diseases. Enrich your diet to fats which are healthy and Probably your health would be prosperous.


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