Impact of Steroids on Body

How Steroids can Kill Your Body?

The steroid is a term with a multitude of meanings. Our body naturally produces certain steroids to help tackle stress and develop at the time of puberty. However, when we say steroids we usually refer to the artificial drugs taken by human beings. Steroids are a kind of synthetic drugs that are similar to a hormone produced naturally by adrenal glands known as cortisol. These synthetic drugs has been specifically designed to treat medical ailments like late puberty, muscle loss in patients of cancer and AIDS. However, the use of these steroids is not limited strictly to medical use. It is illegally used by Athletes to increase muscle mass and strength. They believe it to be helpful in increasing their chance of winning.

But as every coin has two sides. Steroids despite the many benefits attached to them, are detrimental in many respects. Let us discuss them in detail.

The central theme around which steroids revolve is increased strength, energy, and speed. Of course, it is able to achieve all these things. But the point is the artificial speeding up of natural processes will create problems. These problems can be in the context of various physiologic problems, which will ultimately lead to hormonal and biological energy deficiencies.  The problem will obviously arise because of the fact that we are disturbing the energetic pathways by artificial boosting.

The death of famous bodybuilders Rich Piana in 2017 and Mike Matarazzo in 2014 reflects the alarming situation.

Well said by someone, steroids are nothing but synthetic derivatives of testosterone, the male hormone. The frequent and regular use of this drug severely affects the gland that produces testosterone naturally. The pituitary gland is severely affected. In fact, the hypothalamus in the brain stops working, as it no longer has to send signals to the body to produce testosterone. Many a time, this long time non-usage of pituitary gland and hypothalamus leads to the shrinking of testicles in males. Even after the dosage of steroids is put to a halt, the testicles do not return to their normal condition. The reason being very simple, “Higher the dose, and the longer the use of medication, the longer one can have suppression of the gonads”. The dosage of this drug at its gravest form may even lead to sexual dysfunction problems like decreased sperm production and infertility in males. Sometimes it may even lead to the condition of gynecomastia i.e. enlarged breasts in males.

The drug when taken by females may lead to menstrual problems like a change in the menstrual cycle, increase in the production of hair, an enlarged clitoris, reduced breast size and a deeper voice unlike that of normal females.

Not only this, many health-related issues might develop because of the high and regular consumption of steroids. They affect the various parts of the body in different ways. Let us deal with them one by one.

Impact on cardiovascular system: Cholesterol modifications, heart disease, anaphylactic shock, high blood pressure, septic shocks etc.

Impact on reproductive system: In males (Shrinking of testicles, infertility, genital atrophy, genital swelling, sexual dysfunction etc.); in females (irregular menstrual cycle, sterility, fetal damage etc.). Explore more on what should be the effective diet plan during pregnancy.

Impact on heart: Enlargement of the heart muscle, hypertrophy, bad impact on the pumping capacity of blood, hampering the electrical conduction system in heart, cardiac arrest, increased cholesterol levels, increase in blood sugar level, high risks of stroke or attack.

Impact on liver:  Diseases like jaundice, tumors, cancer (see the effective diet plan of cancer patients), tumors etc.

Impact on kidneyDevelopment of kidney stones, kidney tumors, kidney diseases and malfunctioning of the kidneys.

Impact on skin: Acnes, rashes, increase in hair on the skins, oily skin etc.

Impact on hair:  Severe hair fall, baldness.

Impact on brainAnxiety, depression, aggression.

Besides these, a number of other health-related issues like dizziness, nausea, vomiting, mood swings, hallucinations, sleeping disorder, rage, paranoid jealousy, irritability,  trembling, trouble peeing etc. may even be experienced by individuals. Nevertheless, there are always some organic foods that are specialized in muscle buildings (see more on this)

Well, after looking at the points aforementioned, it will not be hard for us to believe that steroids are silent killers. Though they do not lead to instantaneous human death, their prolonged use can result in various health ailments, which if severe may become life threatening. It is worthwhile to mention here that the athletes who use steroids for better performance actually end up losing their health and prestige- health because of the various ailments and prestige because it is mainly considered illegal. Thus, a better option for every human being is not to look at the short-term benefits of things but have an approached to take an insight into the prolonged side effects. Hence, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, this is the time let us decide.

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