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What is best time to start weight loss-diet after pregnancy?

Hey Readers! How are you doing? Feeling Healthy and Happy? Today we are going to talk about how soon you can start weight loss diet after delivery. Ladies, Never ever go for a diet without any planning. You should plan to return to your pre-pregnancy weight in 6-12 months. Most of you will lose half of your child weight after 6 weeks of his/her birth (see the best diet plan during pregnancy). A healthy diet with regular exercise will make you lose weight early. However, when you should start it?  So let us proceed to our topic then I will also touch the topics like Breastfeeding and Weight Loss, Dietician’s Tips.

The right time to start weight loss after pregnancy

Do not expect yourself to regain your previous energy in just a week. It takes some time for you to recover. Give yourself at least 6 weeks checkup before trying any weight loss diet. If you are breastfeeding, weight until your baby is 2 months old and your milk supply is normal. Also see why do people generally not lose weight?

  • Aim for losing a pound and a half in a week. You can do this by eating healthy foods and doing exercise, only after clearance from the doctor that you can do physical activities.
  • Women, who are doing a lot of breastfeeding, need 500 calories more per day than normal.
  • Do not drop below the required number of calories.

Breastfeeding and Weight Loss

If you are breastfeeding, you should lose weight at a slow rate. Weight loss at a rapid rate results in less milk production. If you lose 650 g a week, it will not affect your milk production. Breastfeeding makes your body burn calories, which aid to weight loss. You will be surprised, as you will lose a lot of weight during pregnancy. See more on why women gains weight after menopause?

Dietician’s Tips

Eating and Weight Loss

  • Do not skip meals. You may forget to eat when taking care of the baby but taking out time for yourself is also important. If you will not eat, you will have no energy and hence you will not lose weight.
  • Eat 5-6 small meals having healthy snacks. Check some amazing weight loss food.
  • Eat breakfast. Energy to start your day is required so that you feel active for the whole day.
  • Take time to eat. Don’t rush. It will help you to judge when your tummy is full otherwise, you may overeat.
  • Choose to have low-fat dairy products.
  • Try to eat food full of protein and fiber to make you feel full. Food like carrot, apple with peanut butter or a slice of wheat toast can help.
  • Consume liquid diet 12 times in a day.
  • Keep a water bottle near the area you feed the baby to remember to drink water.
  • Limit beverages like soda, juices and other sugar-containing beverages.
  • Choose baked food instead of fried.
  • Limit sweets, sugar, saturated fats, and Trans fats.

Avoid CRASH diet

Strictly avoid CRASH diet or a FAD diet. You may lose a lot of weight but the weight you lose will be fluids and will come back. You will gain back the same weight when you switch from CRASH diet to a normal diet.

Be Realistic

You may not return to the exact shape before pregnancy. You may have softer belly, wide hips. Make our goals such that those are achievable.


A healthy diet in combination with regular exercise is the best way to shed pounds of weight.” Eat less and move more”. Do not overdo any exercise, as it may be harmful to you. Walking with your baby in a pram is the best exercise you can do.

Dietician’s Tips

  • Go for low-calorie food.
  • Get Proper Sleep.
  • Lower your Stress Level.
  • Dance as it can help you burn calories.
  • Eat yogurt mix with fruits when you carve for sweet things.
  • Drink water before having meals. (One full glass)
  • Start cutting out fattening and unhealthy items from your food by making smart and effective choices.
  • Eat earlier. Try eating your dinner at 7:30 pm.
  • Avoid going to the grocery store as you may carve for your favorite unhealthy snack.
  • Eat at home only try avoiding restaurant food.
  • Take a dress; make it your goal to fit back into it. This will keep you motivated.


Hope you loved Reading this blog. Stay tuned for more Healthy Tips. Contact for a free consultation. Comment your queries. Till then be Healthy and Happy.

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