How healthy diet helps to beat Alzheimer’s and dementia disease?

Top foods to beat Alzheimer’s disease


Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer in the United Nations. It is a neurodegenerative disorder that starts from a minute symptom of shorter memory loss and mood swings and worsens to the disorientation of language and death. The major cause starts from dementia that is loss of cognitive behavioral thinking and losing the ability of remembrance and reasoning .it is a long term disorder which starts from the age of 65, so initially, the signs and symptoms are thought to be age-related disruptions, but later in they worsen which the actual cause is known. A person can hardly make sustenance of 3-9 years the causes for the disease is mainly believed to be genetic, but certain environmental and social life does even influence the condition.

If the cause is believed to be genetic, it is an autosomal dominant disorder, mostly occurring after the age of 65. If certain other environmental factors like family, society or other diseases like depression and hypertension are responsible then it is called sporadic Alzheimer’s disease. Sometimes on examining the brain of an Alzheimer patient, some traces of abnormal amyloid and proteins are found to change the structure and functioning of the brain. Gym lovers diet is generally rich in proteins. Age-related changes include the neuronal damage, atrophy in the brain, accumulation of free radicals in brain tissues and mitochondrial dysfunction.

We cannot help about the genetic inheritance but we can, however, alter the environmental factors and lifestyle factors for prevention. If some other diseases like heart disease or diabetes and obesity are prevailing then the person is more likely to acquire Alzheimer’s in later life. It has been diagnosed that cognitive disorders are parallel to vascular condition. So on our part, we can shift to a nutritionally healthy diet, some physical therapy or activity and remain extrovert to social engagement. This will amplify a mental stimulation and thereby helping us remain protected from Alzheimer’s.

There are certain foods that are highly necessary for the mind and hence called a MIND diet. Here the word MIND denotes Mediterranean dish, intervention for the neurodegenerative delay. Other sets of foods necessary for brain health are called brain food. The combination of the Mediterranean diet to DASH food (dietary approaches to stop hypertension) has reduced the risk by 53%. Even if a person doesn’t strictly adhere to the diet plan and follows to some extent he likely reduces the chances to one third. Effective foods have already been tested.  Clinically productive and conducive.

Have 2 servings of green leafy vegetables like kale, broccoli, spinach every day or twice a week at least. They have high content if vitamin A and vitamin C that possesses good brain health. Nuts are believed to be the best product to fight and prevent any brain-related disorder be it Alzheimer’s .apart from being a good snack for the brain it is even loaded with fiber, healthy fats and antioxidants that help lower the bad cholesterol and hence reduces the risk of congenital heart diseases.

You can have nuts to plenty of 5 times a week. Berries like blueberry have an excellent source of antioxidants to cherish the brain health along with strawberries. Beans are not available all the year so you can fill your plate to 3 times a week on beans, they being rich in fiber and proteins dough the brain to remain active making it sharp. Whole grains are a must to 3 serving a day along with fish or poultry. The fish head is consumed by the Bengalis believing that it helps protect the brain from strain and stress. Once a week fish and twice a serving of poultry will be appropriate for brain health. Use olive oil and wine to beat out cooking oils. This will maintain a good cholesterol level by bifurcating the bad fat.

Limit your consumption of red meat to once a week or month.  Cut off on butter and margarine to less than a tablespoon.  Say no to cheesy fast food and processed fried fries. There is no disease hard to fight if occupied by a strong willingness and body consciousness.

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