Mantras for effective weight loss?`

How did we move to obesity?

Indian cuisine is loaded with spices, herbs and aromatic flavors from the traditional monarchy itself. There were different religious sects and we even get a variety of food vigor. But the matter of a second thought is that when we consumed the traditional diet we had no problems of health and adversities, then why does now India rank highest in the list of obesity and related chronic diseases ?. We have moved away to processed and refined food, which serves as the finest reason for obesity and major heart and colon diseases including diabetes.

In this busy schedule of this pacing world, we have less time for ourselves. So a handy and healthy food plan is a necessity. The foods for effective weight loss follow the common criteria of having high fiber and low carb content. The high fibers make the belly feel fuller and even reduces hunger. Beans, lentils, legumes have high fiber content and help in weight loss and management practices.

A dependency on plant products following the footsteps of the traditional Indian cuisine can be helpful. A  lacto-vegetarian diet with plant plus dairy products eliminating fish and red meat can be considered beneficial for the gut. There are certain key elements to include in the daily diet like yogurt, which has probiotics. They probably maintain the gut weight by increasing the metabolism of the gut. They enrich the gut microorganisms and reduce appetite. As a result, consistent food cravings are controlled.

According to the recent thesis if studies egg as breakfast can eliminate hunger for a longer period of time sensing the feeling of fullness. This is due to the primary product of protein. Avocados have monosaturated fat that maintains the BMI i.e the body mass index. A maximum of 4 meals a day is mandatory. 3 meals are healthy but popcorn won’t mind being the fourth one. A beneficial weight loss snack can grant you 100 calories in 3 cups.

Apart from grains, fruits, vegetables, and dairy, we can also include metabolic drinks like green tea and sparkling water. Unsweetened tea like green tea increases metabolism and helps reduce belly fat. Dieticians focus on a lower carb food for weight loss, probably we need to know the reason why. Cutting down on sugar and starches ( carb) reduces hunger. When the untimely craving is managed the body uses up the stored fat.

As the carb levels decrease it marks lower insulin levels. More sodium and water are expelled by the kidneys reducing the water weight. At the same time, a high Amino acidic diet is recommended as the protein increase metabolism and reduces 441 cal/day. Protein not only manages the BMI but along suppresses the obsession with food. It acts as a sword for weight gain. Beef, pork, egg with yolk and lamb are some major protein sources. Kale, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach is the low carb content food can be consumed to suffocation as they won’t exceed calories beyond 100 /day. But adhering to the idea of simultaneously practicing low carb and low-fat schemes can lead to serious diet failures. Fats like coconut oil and olive oil are beneficial.

Turn your face from processed and refined food items like white bread, biscuits and fast food. Trans fat like fast food raises unhealthy food habits, if not avoided would germinate to severe gastric and obesity problems. Sweetened beverages like soda and fruit juice have high-calorie content and too much of them can be cancer to the gut.

So what does a handy and healthy diet plan include to manage weight and BMI? We can start our day with a healthy breakfast consisting of brown rice, pancakes, milk, almonds or avocados, sliced papaya. A belly palatable lunch can include whole grain roti, chickpeas, tofu, and brown rice. Sign out with a wholesome dinner including vegetables, basmati rice, lentil curry or green salad.

Taking into account the calorie consumption and requirements we can effectively manage the weight. Remember no food is a bullet to weight loss unless you have strong will power. An effective meal planning can help in effective weight-loss hence can help in reversing chances of PCOD.


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