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Heart strokes or heart attacks and associated diseases are ranked amongst the top 10 reasons for death after cancer. The major cause of heart-related diseases lies in the lifestyle and food habits a person follows. They are not genetic so the factors can be easily modified and altered to reduce the risk of heart strokes. Mainly the cholesterol plays a vital role in monitoring the various vicissitudes of heart. People having a rich lifestyle depending high on carbs and processed fats like fries and chips are likely to get more affected in advancing ages to come. The cholesterol clots the major arteries and veins reducing the blood supply to the heart and even to other vital organs thereby even multiple organ failure become a prior act after a stroke.


Maintain Blood pressure

Blood Pressure

It is, however, the good news that by controlling our blood pressure and managing our diet through lifestyle and diet we can reduce 88% changes of developing a heart stroke or other related diseases. But many of us do know that avoiding smoking and having a good diet will limit the risk and have even tried for the same. But it is important to have a smart strategy, which would be meaningful, logical, realistic, time-based and attainable. Blood pressure has been the major cause of 90% heart strokes.


Healthy Heart Diet Package


Add a DASHdietthat uses less salt in order to manage hypertension or blood pressure . Eliminate smoking, this not only makes you susceptible to heart stroke but also reduces 10 years of your life expectancy. It causes premature aging and hence even the vital organs undergo catabolism. Make sure your exercise focuses on reducing your belly fat that lies towards your abdominal area. This will make you more conscious about your food habits and will make you start eating healthy. There can 370 crash ways to lose weight but the sustainable and permanent is diet and lifestyle change.


Weight Management with Diabetes Diet Package
Manage Sugar levels


Managing Blood Sugar

It has been seen that people with diabetes have higher chances of heart stroke if diabetes is poorly managed and not under control. It will mingle with all treatment procedures and not let down the risk of stroke. So diabetes should be taken seriously. Many of us give a fuss on exercise, which gets up so early on a Sunday for an aerobics class. ? But if you look exercise on a different perspective you will love to do what you do .and you will eventually do them regularly.


Post Bariatric Surgery Requirements Diet Package
Lose weight

Take professional help to lose weight

Do not go on pounding on articles that explain what you should eat and whatnot. Consult a dietician, the person has a degree to judge your body and according to plans a diet for you to follow that will remain worthy for your body. On your part try to limit your cravings to a restaurant and sit back on a low carb diet. In this way, you can dine to a platter of good cholesterol that seeks a high level in your body, reduces the risk of strokes.

Maintain Cholesterol levels

Always have a goal to have your HDL /LDL ratio above 0.3. You can crave on fish and dark chocolates to appetize good fats sometimes. Your diet should even avoid beverages and alcohol. Make sure you manage your heart health with age. As you age the catabolism occupies more to anabolism .the arteries lose their flexibility and heart walls become inelastic and fatigue.


Women Exercising With Gym Ball
Losing weight innovatively

Exercise and Meditation

So a good medication along with diet and exercise will be advantageous to manage the heart health. Never be high on depression, take care to meditate a while in a day and go for walk, socialize and extrovert yourself to release stress and tension.

The heart is the basic vital organ of the body which functions without being fatigued. So special care should be taken in making it fit and healthy. A good diet, make a list of things to avoid, exercise walk or meditation along with a good social environment will help prevent the risk of developing a heart stroke at an early age. Do not work if you have a family pedigree the disease is not genetic. A total health care routine is important,

Dietitians such as Rujuta Diwekar, Anjali Mukerjee, Luke Coutinho, etc all have always emphasized on the importance of lifestyle changes and effect of diet & exercise in reversing heart diseases and stroke.


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