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Home Remedies for Irregular Periods and Delayed Menstruation

16 remedies that can cure irregular periods at home.

Irregular periods or delayed menstruation is a common problem faced by women. The average menstrual cycle is 28 days long. Even so, a normal cycle can be shorter or longer than this. It might be from 21 to 35 days long. Most periods continue 3 to 5 days, but from 2 to 7 days are normal.  Periods may occur around the same date every month or they may be irregular.

A period is thought to be late if it hasn’t started 5 or more days after the day you expected it to start. A period is thought to be missed if you have had no menstrual flow for 6 or more weeks after the start of your last period.

Many factors such as hormonal imbalance, thyroid disorders, liver disease, miscarriage, eating disorders, weight gain, weight loss or other health problems contribute to the occurrence of such a problem. Lifestyle patterns like smoking, alcohol, excess consumptions of caffeine, certain medications, and strenuous exercising can also cause such issues.

Delays in periods also cause a host of other uncomfortable symptoms such as tenderness in breasts, cramps in the abdomen or lower back, mood swings and irritability among many others.

For the regularity of the periods, there are various home remedies that can cure irregular periods at home.

  1. Bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is a good cure for the irregular periods’ condition. Daily consumption of a 2 teaspoonful of bitter gourd juice will promote the regularity in the periods and menstruation.

  1. Ginger

Take ginger juice, one tsp. three times a day for at least a month will help in the regulation of the menstruation. Ginger stimulates better blood circulation and helping with cramps. Crush ginger and boil it for several minutes to make the tea.

  1. Cinnamon cure

Cinnamon is beneficial for healing the irregular periods and the menstrual cramps. Cinnamon may help regulate menstrual cycles and reduce menstrual bleeding and pain.

  1. Carrot juice

Carrot juice is rich in iron; as a result, this is a great cure for anemia. Having carrot juice every day helps boost natural immunity, overcoming anemia, irregular periods and delayed menstruation.

  1. Unripe papaya

Unripe papaya is helpful in regulating the period when one is facing irregularity in periods. Consuming unripe papaya daily in some quantity will help cure the irregular periods naturally at home.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is beneficial in the delayed periods, especially for teenage girls. Turmeric can be taken along with milk is regarded as the best treatment for irregular periods.

  1. Sesame seeds and honey

Sesame seeds aid in the hormonal imbalance and lower the stress. Take a tsp. of sesame seeds with one tsp. of honey daily.

  1. Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds aid in better digestion and absorption of food. Fennel seeds also prevent the irregular period’s problem. They make periods regular and reduce the cramps. Take one tsp. of fennel seeds every day.

  1. Figs

Eating a few figs daily or drinking this made by boiling figs in water and then filtering it on a regular basis can help regularize your cycle.

  1. Coriander and Parsley

Drinking parsley juice or a syrup made by boiling coriander leaves and seeds in water help regularize your period.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar may help you lose weight, lower blood sugar, and insulin levels. Drinking 1/8 cup (15 grams) of apple cider vinegar a day may help regulate periods in women.

  1. Fruits and vegetable

Fruit and vegetables are rich in essential vitamins, minerals, etc. help in blood formation, prevents anemia, helps to cure hormonal imbalance. Certain fruit enzymes also relieve stress as well.

  1. Exercises

Intense exercise can induce irregular periods or delayed menstruation. But a less active lifestyle is also a cause for the same. Try to exercise or do the quick walking for at least 15-20 minutes daily. Exercise can help control weight, which may, in turn, help to regulate your periods.

  1. De-stress yourself

De-stressing is an effective cure for delayed periods. It is a bad cycle; stress triggers late periods and late periods cause panic and anxiety. Try to relax and make sure you have a good night’s sleep.

  1. Practice yoga

Practicing yoga 35 to 40 minutes a day, 5 times a week, may help regulate hormones and menstruation cycles. Yoga may also help reduce premenstrual symptoms.

  1. Maintain a healthy weight

Changes in your weight can affect your periods. If you are overweight, losing weight could help regulate your periods. Being underweight or overweight can cause irregular periods.

You will probably experience some irregularity in your periods at some point in your life. Talk to a doctor if you instantly experience menstrual irregularity, frequently have short or long cycles, the period is heavy and painful, or last longer than a week.

You may be capable to get your menstrual cycle back on track with some lifestyle changes and home remedies. Scientific information is restricted, however, only a few natural remedies have been scientifically proven to regulate your period.

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