reduce post pregnancy belly fat

Healthy ways to get rid of Post Pregnancy Belly Fat



Every mother goes through a phase of transition before, during and after childbirth. These transitions surprise most women and for the one without proper guidance and knowledge, the overload of information can cause quite a confusion.

One of the most problematic and difficult to deal with the situation is belly fat. After childbirth, the tummy looks like a big deflated balloon and the body seems out of proportions for a while. It may still make you look like you are pregnant. Some women have a dark line across their midsection while most have scars along their waist which may develop a consciousness once the baby has taken birth and you are back to your normal routines and styles. Women who have been operated for their childbirth may experience more surgical scars.

The body slowly transits to come back to its normal size so patience and regulation is a must.

It is normal for the belly to stay enlarged and look squishy for a while since the uterine walls had been stretched for nearly a year and to come back to normal, they need some time. Hormonal changes occur too which lead to more weight and appearance-related changes in the body. A normal variation of six to eight weeks is taken by the female body to return to normal.

For this too, there are several diet options to make the process seem natural and faster. However, you may even opt for special cardio workouts to lose pregnancy fat. In an otherwise case scenario, fat may build up permanently over the stretched portion of the belly. Thus, the best option is always trying to lose belly fat so that all loose skin becomes toned and your body feels as it was earlier.

Some diet options are also more successful at this stage. The first most important component is water which helps to restore and retain the metabolic activities after birth. It even keeps the body temperature and hormones in regulation. More preferably, warm water induces bodily functions in a better way. A low-calorie diet is however beneficial after the delivery process. However, the reduction should not be drastic in the initial months because the body still needs a sufficient amount of protein and other necessary minerals.

To lose the weight that has been significantly gained during the period of nine months, avoid empty calories which provide no nutrition and just take up space in the tummy. The consumption of carbohydrates should be regulated and you should try eating as healthy as possible.

Some metabolism-inducing substances like green tea proved to be a good option because they are rich in antioxidants and promote weight loss by minimizing free radicals. Drinking a healthy green tea prior to exercise actually boosts up the process of weight loss. Other important inclusion in the diets can be cabbage. It is the best source of fiber for diets and facilitates nutrient absorption and promotes healthy bowel movements. Moreover, it is a low-calorie vegetable which is rich in minerals and nutrients at the same time.

It is even said that adding some spicy food to the diet cuts off the excess fat from the bodies like turmeric, cinnamon and pepper being some of the examples. Moreover, stress remains a more important cause of weight gain and water retention. Taking sleep and eating the right foods can make you better emotionally and hormonally.

Some more important inclusions are apples which provide antioxidants to the body and burn fat effectively. Garlic too stays an important component to stimulate better metabolism.  Chewing some uncooked garlic early in the morning or on an empty tummy effectively contributes to active metabolism. Tomatoes are another healthy and easy option available. The amount of carotene in tomatoes helps reduce fat inducing cholesterol and eliminates belly fat. It even neutralizes the cravings to some extent so that you do not eat unnecessary food items. Who hasn’t heard of the effectiveness of gourd juice? It most actively keeps the tummy free of constipation and minimizes water retention making the mechanism stronger. Along with all these options, you may try curry leaves too with honey to enhance the taste. The best time is to take this item before bed so that the body takes its own sweet time to adjust.

Cutting down on sugars and empty calories in the form of oily, fried and processed foods are always beneficial and speed up the process. Moreover, adopting fresh and healthy vegetables and fruits during the process helps in the release of toxins and harmful substances from the body. Do not stack your refrigerators with unhealthy food options so that you are not even tempted to consume them when you feel hungry or feel a mood change. You can always hire a dietician to help you get a personalized postnatal weight-loss program to shed extra kilos in time.




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