Healthy Living for Summer

Hey Readers! How are you doing? Feeling Healthy and Happy? Summers are here and it is time to lose that winter weight and be summer ready with a new body. Follow these tips to keep the weight gain at bay this summer and be active and cool.

Keep yourself hydrated:

It is important to keep drinking water every hour to beat the heat. You can also make infused waters or detox water for a tasty and nutrient-rich treat. Buttermilk is also very nutritious and yummy option to keep your body cool this summer.

Eat regular meals:

Eat at a regular interval but eat small meals during summers. Vegetable Dalia, oats, salads, quinoa and yogurt with fruits can be some great options this summer.

Be Active:

Go for an early morning or late evening walks. It is important that you avoid going for a walk after any meal. Always drink coconut water or lemon water after coming back from your walk.

Use a sunscreen:

A sunscreen is important to protect the skin from harmful rays of the sun even if you are mostly indoor. Use covered and full arm clothing to protect your skin from heat. Use an umbrella while going out and carry a bottle of water with you all the time.

Avoid fried and junk food:

Junk food and fried food generates heat during the process of digestion in the body. Hence, it is advisable to eat light foods during the summer.

Go Local:

Eat local summer fruit and vegetables during the season such as cucumber, bottle gourd, mango, watermelon, muskmelon, wood apple, Campagna and tori etc. These vegetable and fruits are very light on the digestive system and have a cooling effect on the body.

Get wet:

Yes! You heard it right to get yourself wet during these summers. Join swimming classes or have a trip to water parks. It will keep you cool and healthy. Swimming also helps in burning 400 calories.

Olive Oil:

It is oil containing healthy fatty acids that protect skin from UV radiations. It also helps in protecting moisture of body, which is lost during sweating. Consume 1 tsp of eating daily to keep yourself summer protected.

Protect your glossy hairs:

Hairs have to bear with a lot during summers. Constant heat, sun damage, and chlorine can make your hair look dull after summer. If you are going to follow swimming advice, get an anti-chlorine shampoo.

Take up a new hobby:

Summer is the perfect time to take up some new and interesting activity. Gardening is the best way to enjoy outdoors and burn some calories. Planting is a great way to make healthy nutrients quickly accessible to you. You can also try playing some sports like tennis and golf.

Switch off Lights:

Too many lights being lightened up can increase the warm atmosphere in the room. Therefore, use only the ones required and switch off unnecessary lighten lights. Wear Loose and comfortable clothes: To stay cool in summer, wear loose clothes. They help you to get good air circulation. Do not wear anything synthetic, stick with cotton. Keep yourself covered from harsh rays.

Do not exert yourself:

Physical activity is necessary but in summers assure that you do not exert yourself that much. You need the energy to be active. Resort to the indoor gym than outdoor activities.

Pack Light:

Whenever you will be traveling in summers, Travel with light packing only. Luggage can lead to injury and it happens a lot. Packing light doesn’t cause much strain, pulls and tears.

Relax and Cool:

You have been working hard the whole week to go out for some massage or spa. Moreover, keep yourself relax and cool.

Enjoy Nature:

Consume fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat cool and light fruits like Water Melon, Litchi. Drink fresh fruit juices to keep yourself hydrated and cool. Have nuts, seeds, sprouted beans and yogurt in your diet.

Go for a Summer Vacation:

Yup! Old is gold. Along with doing these things, go out for a summer vacation in some cool place for some days to enjoy and be away from heat. Choose by seeing the weather forecast the hottest days and plan your vacation in those days.

Hope you loved these Healthy Summer tips. Have a Healthy and Happy Summer Ahead. Stay tuned for more healthy tips. Comment for any query. Contact us for more details on diet to follow in these summers.

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