Health benefits of rose petal jam or Gulkand

Easy Recipe for making Gulkand at Home

Gulkand (rose-petal jam) is one of the most delightful Ayurvedic products ever known. Gulkand or Gulqand is a jar of rose petals made in India and in some other Asian countries. The word ‘Gulqand’ is derived from gul, which means flower in Persian, and qand, which means sweet in Arabic.

Gulkand is one of the elements used in Paan – the traditional Indian mouth freshener. It is a fact that, like wine, it turns into better as it ages.

Typically, gulkand is made from the rose petals of the desi or the wild rose plant. However, owing to the predominance of the hybrid rose varieties, it is tough to find the desi variety everywhere. No worries, it can be made from the hybrid variety of roses, too. But the traditional one is the best.

Since we have previously discussed the health benefits of Gukand, in this article we shall talk about making Gulkand at our home within 30 minutes.



Damascus roses are used for making Gulkand. Though there are suggestions of some other varieties of Roses also, Damascus rose is the most common variety used. Collect the rose petals and wash them nicely!


Weigh those rose petals and take sugar which is equal to the number of rose petals in weight.


Put the petals into the mixie. Quickly pulse the petals one or two times to shred them. You can also chop the petals into pieces.


Take an airtight jar, put the rose petals and sugar in layers so that they can mix well.


Fill up the jar with rose petals and sugar. You can add extra sugar or rose petals to fill the jar completely.


Close the bottle with the lid or cover with a clean white cloth and keep it in sunlight. You can add more layers of Rose petals and sugar to the full capacity of the bottle.


Rose Gulkand or Rose petal jam is ready in about ten days.


The Gulkand can be stored in the fridge for about six to 12 months.


All healing properties of Gulkand come from rose petals. Rose petals have the following therapeutic properties:

  1. Antibacterial
  2. Mild Laxative
  3. Antitussive
  4. Antioxidant
  5. Mild Hypnotic (Only in large doses)
  6. Demulcent



You can use honey instead of sugar to make Gulkand sweeter yet healthier.


Gulkand can be consumed on its own or added to milk, lassi or juices. It can also be added to rose tea.

The above were just some of the wonderful health benefits that gulqand has to offer you. Any individual can benefit from the wonders of gulkand; even so, diabetes patients should consult their doctor before consuming it.


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