Health Benefits of Ragi: A Wonder Grain

Health Benefits of Ragi – Top 10 Ragi Recipes for Healthy Life


We are all accustomed to cereals and many of them are extremely beneficial for our health. Ragi is one of the most nutritious cereals ever. Now, as a matter of fact, Ragi can be made to fit in our diet in a very effective way, with its top recipes into action.


Ragi is also known as finger millet. It is a popular cereal and it has a multitude of vitamins, minerals. It contains dietary fiber, iron, Protein,  calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, carbohydrates, and many other essential Vitamins and minerals.

Though it is originated basically in Africa, yet now it is cultivated all over the world. As a matter of fact, Ragi is the best supplement for vegetarians as it meets the need of protein and calcium in their diet.


Some of the advantages of Ragi are as follows:


  1. It prevents constipation: Consumption of Ragi prevents constipation to a great extent. This is because of the high fiber content in Ragi. Fiber helps you to clear your intestine, it helps to improve your immune system, also it makes the digestive path clear. The dietary fiber helps one to clear the digestive tract and helps to maintain the bowel movement on a regular basis. Hence, it prevents constipation.


As a matter of fact, in every 100 grams of ragi, there are 12 grams of fiber in it.


  1. Strengthens the bones and teeth: Ragi is a great source of the important ingredient in our body like calcium. It is also to be noted that ragi contains calcium with magnesium. Now the benefit of having Magnesium in the association of Calcium is that it helped in the absorption of Calcium.


  1. Rich in the contents of protein: Ragi is a cereal that is rich in protein as well as amino acids. A lack of protein in the diet can be meted out by Ragi. That is why it can be used as a supplement of meat and non-veg items for vegetarians.

It is essentially required as protein helps in the increase of metabolism. It also induces the power of regeneration of cells in the body and removes tiredness. In addition, it also can help in the reduction of joint pain, and by the fast and increased metabolism, it can also increase the speed of learning as protein is very much in need for the development of the brain in children and teenagers, too.


  1. Helps in the prevention of anemia: Anemia is the disease caused by the lack or deficiency of iron in the blood. In our blood, blood iron is an essential constituent of hemoglobin, which in turn helps in the supply of oxygen in the blood. Hence, iron is very much required for survival.

4 milligrams or iron is contained within 100 grams of ragi. Ragi is, hence, a very important and efficient source of iron. In addition, vitamin C present in Ragi also helps in the absorption of iron, hence furthermore increasing its benefits in manifolds.


5.Acts as an anti-aging agent: Ragi helps in slowing down the aging process. In today’s generation, all of us want to age slowly and want to look young for a long time. Though many artificial and man-made products are available to reduce the speed of aging, the best way to age is to age gracefully and slow enough. This can be done naturally by the consumption of cereals like Ragi, which already acts as an anti-aging agent.

Aging can be caused by the free radicle present in the cells. Now, this free radicle cell damage can be controlled by antioxidants present in Ragi.

As a matter of fact, collagen levels can also be maintained with the help of methionine and lysine present in Ragi.


Top 10 ragi recipes for a healthy life:


Ragi can be easily fit into our diet. The top 10 healthy Ragi recipes are as follows:


  1. Roti made up of Ragi.
  2. Ladoo made up of Ragi and oats.
  3. Ragi Wheat Dosa.
  4. Ragi Malt which can even be given to infants to consume.
  5. Halwa made up of Ragi.
  6. Ragi Cookies.
  7. Ragi Wheat Bread.
  8. Sweet Ragi Malpoa.
  9. Ragi Mudde.
  10. Ragi sweet.


All of these can boost up your taste bud effectively.

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