GERD : Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease



If you are wondering what GERD is and also if you are looking for some ways to treat it from the root, this article talks about a complete diet guide for this problem. Let us discuss what GERD is –

GERD, also known as Acid Reflux, is a digestive problem in which the stomach acid (known as bile) discomforts the lining of our food pipe. A very common symptom which is also the most common symptom of burning chest pain is an indication that the food pipe has been irritated.

Mostly this problem is common among pregnant women due to over nauseatic conditions associated with child gestation period. However, when this problem becomes too interfering in normal lives we need to treat it as soon as possible. The irritation by bile is mainly caused in the muscle ring between the esophagus and the stomach thus figuratively called heartburn.

However, some other symptoms for GERD are a dry cough, bloating, vomiting, lumps in throat and difficulty swallowing.

First of all, we should note the foods that especially trigger this problem of GERD. The reason is that the type of foods we eat affect the number of acids our body shall produce –

Foods containing high fats and citric acids like oily and greasy fast food, full-fat dairy, potato chips, tomatoes, limes, oranges, etc. Also, foods which have garlic and spices in them may irritate the food lining even more. Also, caffeine is a diuretic and may worsen this effect as well. However, most of these triggering foods may not be the same for everyone. Everyone reacts to every food item very specifically and thus GERD patients know what to avoid mostly through experience, although these foods top the list generally.


Now that we know what the basic problem is about, let us look at the lifestyle changes that may decrease the woes for a GERD patient –

Naturally, affected people will have to switch over to food items which are low in fat, sugar and citric acids to avoid any aggravating problems. Some food items that fulfill the purpose are vegetables (mostly green vegetables), ginger (anti-inflammatory substance), non-citrus fruits (apples and bananas), eggs without yolk since it’s a heavy substance, olive oil, sesame oil, and fish and seafood (if you want some non-vegetarian inclusion in your meals).

Fats always prove to be a culprit in most of the problems. Thus, we should always consciously make choices to eat healthier, unsaturated fats rather than fill our bodies with saturated and unhealthy trans fats because they worsen GERD and aggravate the symptoms.

It is important to fight this problem with an increased consciousness in food and dietary habits. It should be a habit to watch out the foods you eat and know fully well that may or may not worsen your condition.  Dairy is an essential component of day to day lives but with GERD you need to note that dairy helps you identify your allergic or worsening reactions to GERD and thus to avoid the acid reflux symptoms, cutting down on dairy items becomes a must. Planning is beneficial and the goal is not to sit back and ponder but to see how you can effectively worsen the effects of this problem on your body.

Another aspect is dealing with an Acid Reflux attack.

There are some foods that may help you deal with this. Let us list some of them –

Green Vegetables and Bananas undoubtedly help to minimize the symptoms of GERD attack. They happen to soothe the food piping and avoid irritating it to worsen discomfort. Dairy is a culprit of GERD but it is seen that Yogurt helps to pacify the irritation after an attack. Since bile is acidic highly alkaline foods do the favor by neutralizing its corrosive effects on the food pipe. Melons, thus, are one of the best options due to their high alkalinity and soothe your throat effectively.

Also, cutting won on alcohol is necessary because again it worsens GERD due to its heavy and strong nature. The proper treatment of gastroesophageal disease is thus in your hands and the foods you consume. You can always minimize your symptoms if you willingly vow to do so. With proper vindication, you will surely wake up to a day when you even forget that you had GERD.

GERD may cause bloating and thus makes it difficult to lose weight. Therefore, Diet therapy can be a very powerful tool to reverse the issue. Consuming more of leafy green vegetables, alkaline fruits, and low-fat dairy products may help you in better management of the symptoms of GERD.

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