Food to promote recovery and healing after surgery


A diet that should be followed after surgery

Whichever kind of surgery one goes through either major or minor, an improved and stronger comeback demands an adequate diet. After surgery, our body is exposed to various kinds of weaknesses like constipation, dizziness, nausea, etc. Doctors advise taking complete bed rest in most of the cases right after surgery because of the fact that post an operation, there are certain complications that can take place like weakening of muscles, pulmonary embolism, ulcers, clots, inflammation, etc.

All these post-surgical issues need to be attended with a lot of care. Along with medicines for healing, the type of food one takes is also well specified. Not just the medicines but the diet also plays a major role in this.

A diet that is well proportioned and well discussed with a dietician can help the recovery process speed up. It also provides you the exact type and amount of nutrition which is best suited for improvement in the body.

Generally, a diet rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals is advised after surgery. But along with this, one may need many other vital food items to add or subtract from the regular diet in case of a post-surgical period. Food which is light to our body is majorly recommended. Heavy food like the food rich in fats or spicy food is strictly deducted from the diet.


Let’s discuss the foods that are recommended after surgery for a speedy recovery:

  1. Seafood The seafood is a rich source of zinc which is considered great in terms of providing recovery to the body.
  2. Whole grains With the addition of whole grains in the diet, one can expect the presence of fiber. Whole grains are considered favorable for the stomach. It helps prevent constipation and regulates normal bowel movement as well.
  3. Carbohydrates Here again we have a good source of fiber. Carbs promise to deliver sufficient energy levels. Including carbs in the diet can help regain the lost energy from the body.
  4. Mushrooms Mushrooms are found to be a rich source of vitamin D. This encourages good bone health. Thus after surgery, various mushroom dishes prepared with fewer spices are highly recommended.
  5. Dairy products Dairy products like yogurt are simply soothing for the body. Yogurt, in general, is known for reducing acidity effect. It is found to be helpful to combat the effect of the harmful bacteria named Helicobacter Pylori which is responsible for acidity in the stomach. Also, yogurt is useful in the case of GERD too. So, in order to add fluid in a post-surgical diet, one can consider watery yogurt.
  6.  Fresh fruits and vegetables- Fruits and veggies are regarded as a great source of vitamins and minerals. It is undoubtedly healthy to add fruits and vegetables in the after surgery diet.

If we talk about fruits then, vitamin C rich fruits or the citrus fruits like berries, melon, tomatoes, etc. can be helpful. These fruits are found to beneficial in the collagen repair.

In the case of veggies, green leafy vegetables rich in potassium are vital for the body as it promotes essential blood clotting.  Veggies like carrots, kale, spinach, sweet potato, etc. being rich in vitamin A, encourage this vitamin in the body.

Also, beans and spinach are found to be a rich source of iron. Thus it is useful to add these in the meal as iron helps in enhancing the hemoglobin.

  1. Water content- In addition to the meals rich in specific vitamins and minerals, a good percentage of water in the body is extremely healthy. As water releases toxins from the body it is important to keep the body hydrated. Moreover, with strong medications, the body gets exposed to the after effects of those medicines. Taking a sufficient amount of water with those medicines and a well-balanced diet can do wonders to the body.
  2. Dry fruits- Not in an excessive amount but a handful of dry fruits like almond which has sufficient vitamin E, can be body-friendly in an after surgery diet as it has tissue healing capacity.


Other than the above-mentioned food items, a prescribed routine is also required. One should not neglect the strict diet provided by a dietician/Nutritionist and also fully follow the advice given by a doctor in order to attain brisk and favorable ameliorations in the body after surgery.

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