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Diet plan for female weight loss



There is no magic solution to losing weight. In fact, the secret to losing fat is simply called “Calorie deficit.” It is a simple fact that for every inch of waistline you wish to decrease, you need to burn calories. A calorie deficit is simply a term employed to mean the difference between the number of calories taken in and the number of calories burnt.  The logic behind this is very simple. When a calorie deficit is created in the body, the body uses up stored fat to fulfill its energy requirements. This stored fat was only carried in the form of excessive weight in the body. So, when fat is burnt, ultimately weight is lost.

There are many food products which are suggested to be consumed while you are on weight loss. However, there are many which are strictly advised to be avoided. So, let us learn about those foods which should be avoided in some detail.

  • French fries-  Though potato is not harmful to the health of an individual, in fact, the potato diet is recommended for weight loss. But eating French fries is extremely harmful to the health of an individual. It is high in calorie content is of no help for achieving weight loss. Not only this but since French fries are made by deep-frying potatoes it might contain acrylamide, a cancer-causing substance. Thus, it is better to avoid it while you are on weight loss.
  • Potato chips-  Potato chips are no different in this regard from French fries. They were baked, roasted or fried contain the same substance i.e. acrylamide. They are also very high in calories. Therefore, their consumption should be restricted in order to lose weight.
  • Grapes-  Though grapes look quite healthy. The presence of a high amount of sugar in it is extremely harmful to the health of an individual. This sugar in grapes induces cravings for other sweet products. If this happens, this will mark an increase in calories by the consumption of sugar. So, it is better to avoid grapes in order to lose weight.
  • Artificially sweetened drinks-  Artificially sweetened drinks are associated with inducing or enhancing food cravings in the body. So, they should necessarily be avoided in order to lose weight.
  • Alcohol-  Besides other harmful effects of alcohol on the body, one another detrimental impact of it is its negative impact on the weight loss goals of an individual. Alcohol is rich in such empty calories which do not satiate your hunger or provide any nutrients, instead induces you to eat more and more actually leading you to overeat. Experts like Robert C Atkins are of the view that the body burns alcohol first before burning anything else (in this circumstance fat). Not simply this, alcohol is associated with blurring your thinking capacity thus making it quite impossible for you to actually think about your weight loss goals.
  • Smoothies-  Smoothies appear to be healthy but they are one of the most harmful product for weight loss. They are rich in calories, carbohydrates, fats, etc. Thus, it is better to restrict their consumption. However, smoothies containing protein powder or Greek yogurt as a base can opt.
  • Soy sauce– Soy sauce is one such food substance which is very low in calorie content, but rich in sodium This high sodium content can make you bloated and might even increase the risk of hypertension. In that situation, it is better to avoid this food while you are attempting to lose weight.
  • Fruit juice-  The fruit juices flourishing in the market these days are devoid of all the fibers contained originally in the fruits. Instead, they are all flooded with high sugar in them. This high amount of sugar is bound to have a negative impact on your weight loss goals.
  • Green juice– Not all green juices are bad, but the one that hides sugar in them are quite unhealthy. Sugar is generally added to them to enhance the taste. But, care is to be taken and in such cases, these green juices are to be avoided. Do not be fooled by the color green. Not every green product is
  • Whole milk-  Whole milk available everywhere is full of too much of cholesterol which is not good while you are attempting to lose weight. So, it is better to opt for the skimmed variety of milk.
  • Coffee creamers-  Coffee itself is not harmful, but if this coffee is diluted with coffee creamers it becomes These coffee creamers are loaded with calories, artificial sweeteners, and flavors. Thus, it should be avoided while you are attempting to lose weight.
  • Cheese-  Cheese is a food product rich in protein and calcium. Apart from this, it is high in So, it is better to avoid cheese while you are on weight loss.
  • Granola– Granola contains approximately five different varieties of sugar and fat. Though this provides instant energy in the body, later on, this instant energy might lead to a crash and induces cravings for sweet throughout the day. These cravings are very harmful to weight loss goals.
  • Dried fruits-  Though fruits are healthy but dried fruits are unhealthy. This is because they are similar to candy. This similarity owes its origin to the sugar content in them. When fruits are dries i.e. water is extracted out of them, they are left with nothing except sugar and So, when these dried fruits are consumed they are bound to alter the blood sugar level in the body and affect sugary cravings. This will then do no justice to your weight loss goals.
  • Energy bars-  Energy bars claim to boost energy and so it leaves you under an impression that it is quite healthy. But, it is a misconception. The reality is a bit different. Energy bars are more or fewer candy bars because of the presence of a high amount of sugar and calorie in them. These are sure to lead to high sugary cravings. Thus, their consumption should be avoided.
  • White bread-  White bread contains a high amount of processed carbohydrate causing an increase in the level of blood sugar in this body. When this happens, the food cravings increase in turn leading to a shift from your weight loss goals.

Hence, these were some food products which should be avoided in order to accomplish your weight loss goal and you can always get in touch with a Dietitian for a piece of more personalized advice.

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