Five signs telling that you’re not drinking enough water

why do we need water?

Despite the fact that our body has a sufficient sounding percentage of water i.e. around 70%, there are times that the amount of water that we drink is not enough.  Moreover, we can’t forget that our body gets exposed to water deficiency right after any activity performed by the body. Thus it is important to maintain that water balance in the body.

We start getting signals from our body that tell- water is needed. Doctors prescribe around 8-12 glasses of water every day to be adequate for the good functioning of our body. But still, with our busy schedules, the routine life, this healthy tiny task remains incomplete.

Water is required by the body to perform various functions. Almost all the processes taking place in the body, either simple or cumbersome, require water.

The life processes like respiration, digestion, reproduction, growth, nutrition, excretion, etc. are performed well with the help of water.

So, in order to continue the proper functioning of these processes, the fluid levels in our body must be adequate.  Also, developing dehydration can lead to many more health issues.

Let’s take a look at the symptoms associated with water deficiency:

  1. Headaches for no reason Dehydration causes loss of water in the brain tissues. It also lowers blood and oxygen to the brain which further leads to severe headaches. Next time if you feel similar, try hydrating your body. It may come up with the solution. If the headache continues, one should consult a doctor.
  2. Dryness in eyes, mouth, and skin Water deficiency in the body affects eyes, mouth, and skin too. Less saliva production means a lack of water. That is why your mouth feels dry and it’s a signal by the body that water is now needed.   Similarly, there is less tear production in the eye which makes our vision unclear and itchy sometimes. Also, the dryness noticed in the skin is mostly due to a lack of an adequate amount of water.  If the continued use of moisturizers and lotions doesn’t solve the issue of dry skin, try water!
  3. Dark urine Urine shades tell a lot about water quantity in our body. One can easily understand if there is a lack of sufficient amount of water in the body by the color of the urine. Dark urine is the most obvious indicator of less water in the body. Increase the amount of water intake in a regular routine and then you may notice a certain good change.
  4. Low energy Water deficiency in the body is related to the energy levels. Yes, not just food rich in certain vitamins and minerals, but water also plays a major role in the fluctuations happening in our energy levels. Lower levels of fluid lower the activity of blood flow in the body. Improper blood circulation leads to lower energy levels and many times, dehydration can be the cause behind the same. So, next time if you feel dizzy or lethargic then do give a check on the amount of water you take.
  5. Bad breathBrushing your teeth twice a day and still facing bad breath issues? Dehydration can be the reason here. Less water means less saliva being produced in the mouth. The lack of enough saliva encourages bacteria to grow and leave your mouth with a stinky bad breath always. So in order to get rid of this, consider drinking more water.

Along with the above mentioned five indicative signals by the body for the requirement of water, there are many more signs like our body gives whenever there is an occurrence of dehydration.

Water helps in maintaining the fluid levels in our body. It also helps eradicate toxins from the body leaving it to be refreshed and free of nitrogenous waste.

Accumulation of the toxins and the waste product in the body obviously creates problems. Digestive issues or constipation, weight gain or weight loss, bad breath, mood swings, joint pain, headaches, trouble concentrating, feeling hungry always, improper heartbeats, dry lips, and mouth, etc. are all symptoms associated with less water in the body.  Many times we fail to recognize the same and start depending on medicines instead. This leads to worsening the situation sometimes. So, if you get any of those indications, think of enhancing the water amount you generally take before bringing the medicines in the picture.

Water is important for all the basal body functions, it helps the body flush out the toxins i.e detoxification which is the first step of every weight loss diet. Dieticians advice drinking at least 2 liters of water daily. So keep drinking water and stay healthy.


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