What is the ideology behind Dieticianforhealth.com?

We are a Unique team of 3 Medical Institutions – Dieticians, Doctors and Naturopaths who Provide a 360 degree approach in all our Packages customized to your requirements for improving your Lifestyle Habits naturally to help you achieve your Health goals.

Why should I enroll in your program?

We are a team experienced dieticians, specialist doctors, professional naturopathic experts (homeopaths) who team up along with our health partners to provide best and long lasting health management solutions customized to your requirements to help you achieve your health goals in easy and natural ways.

  • We offer you comprehensive care Packages that helps you achieve your health goals as it is evident that Dieticians or doctors working individually cannot provide you a complete solution and cure your health problems working separately.
  • We base our Packages on a simple concept of “Your gym resides in your kitchen” which means that Gym/heavy exercise contributes only 25% to well being while 75% is influenced by correct dietary lifestyle.
  • We also bust your myths about Hit & trial health techniques available to you from free diet/health information that can be dangerous as it is not customized to your requirements.
What is the advantage of choosing Dieticianforhealth.com Packages?

Our Packages are designed with experienced learning and accepted natural methodologies that yield desired and sustainable results. They are based on 6 Special Features:

  • There is NO requirement of any crash diet or bland food concept
  • There is NO rigorous workout required
  • There is absolutely NO requirement of Pills or Fat Burners
  • All Packages have delicious recipes with seasonal local food
  • Packages are customized as per your routine
  • There is regular monitoring and counseling for performance measurement
What are the Program enrollment charges?

We offer you First FREE Consultation that you can book as per your schedule. So, there is absolutely no enrollment charges for this consultation. Post consultation, you can visit Packages section in our website to opt for Single Packages or Combo Offers once you are convinced about taking Packages as per your requirements.

What is Free Consultation?

We offer you First Consultation absolutely free. This acts as the first interactive step between yourself and the dietician towards understanding your health goals and ensuring your exact program requirements.

How do I make an appointment?

You can make an online appointment by filling a form on our website home page. Exceptional offline request through an email will be allowed only if online channel is not working.

Do I have to visit any clinic for the Consultation?

In this fast paced life, we generally provide Voice Consultations through mobile calls or Online Consultations (through Skype or Whatsapp calls). You can also pay a visit at our center in case you need face to face Consultation. However, you must fill booking form on the home page for your Free Consultation and we will call you as per your booked schedule.

What happens after Free Consultation?

Once your health goals and your exact program requirements are noted during the Consultation, we explain you if you do or do not need a customized program. We also provide you an honest feedback if your requirements are different from our approach or in case you immediately need to follow a different treatment approach (therapeutic etc). We also provide you details about further steps of how to begin customized program sessions. Then, we patiently wait for you to make an independent and unbiased decision on opting for any of our customized Packages.

Can I transfer the program to someone else?

You can gift a new program to your loved ones. However, your currently running program session cannot be transferred to anyone as every individual is different and has different requirements. You can get a referral treat from us on your next program in case you want to refer someone who takes our program.

Would I be able to follow the plan?

Our Packages are based on delicious recipes, seasonal local food items and healthy lifestyle choices. The diet charts are easy and simple to follow. Remember, we are working together towards achieving your health goals. You can contact us the moment you face smallest of an issue or doubt as we will ensure that you do not face any hassles in following the program plans.

What happens when I take a Dieticianforhealth.com program?

The Diet Therapy begins with a Detoxification program to cleanse your body systems. Subsequently, we monitor your body performance and make seamless changes in your food choices and lifestyle habits that help you achieve your desired health goals.

Would I be able follow the plan when I travel?

Yes, we customize your plans as per your routine. Therefore, we work on food choices that you will be able to follow even if you are on the go.

How is my progress monitored?

Before beginning your program, you are requested to fill out a detailed nutritional questionnaire that helps us in knowing details about you. Subsequently, we periodically contact you over voice calls or connect with you online through Whatsapp, Skype or emails to monitor your performance and take your feedback to check your motivation levels. We might suggest you to get some tests performed (if required) to get better clarity on your body performance.

What is the maximum weight loss possible?

We encourage healthy weight loss according to the guidelines by WHO. It is around 0.5 to 1.5 KG every week however it varies from person to person.

Are fat burners or pills included in the program?

No, we do not suggest any fat burners or pills. On the other hand, we encourage healthier and natural ways to achieve health goals that offer sustainable results.

I am visiting a Gym for a muscular body. Do I need a diet program?

Your body needs correct nutrition when you follow a workout regime. You can live in the gym, but you are wasting your time if you are not eating right. You will be surprised to know that 80% of your gym actually resides in your kitchen and only remaining 20% is exercise. Therefore, a carefully designed diet can enhance the performance and expedite the your workout results.

I am very thin and need to gain weight. I tried eating lot of protein and fat but it is not helping. How can I benefit from your program?

Trying to use hit & trial health techniques available from free diet/health sources that can be dangerous as they are not customized to your requirements. Following amateur methodologies and unprofessional advice might not cure your issue and can land you in further trouble. Hence, you need professional assistance to help you appropriately understand your issue and provide you correct assistance to resolve your problems. When you enroll in our program, you will be assigned a dedicated Nutrition Expert to achieve your specific health goals.

I am going to get married in 3 months. How much weight loss is possible?

Marriage is the most special occasion in one’s life. We understand that you want to look the best on your marriage. However, this does not mean that you abuse your body. Therefore, we have designed a special program that helps you manage your weight effectively boosting your bridal glow and lose inches subsequently. Please book an online consultation with us and our Nutrition expert will suggest you a suitable plan custom-made for you.

I was diagnosed of Type II Diabetes recently. How should I manage my weight now?

Type II Diabetes can be managed and reversed by Diet Therapy. PleaseĀ  book an online consultation and get an Expert advice for free from our Nutrition Expert.

I have Thyroid and have been struggling with weight since 5 years? Can I reduce weight?

Yes, You can lose weight as Thyroid can be managed with Diet Therapy. Please book an online consultation and get an Expert advice for free from our Nutrition Expert.