Exercise: Healthy benefits of physical activity

Exercise is for everyone


If you want a balanced body then it needs to be maintained. You need to maintain your bike otherwise; there is a higher probability that it will stop functioning. In the same way, if you don’t work out your body, it will bite by bit stopped working the manner that you want it to.

Having regular exercising will help you to sustain your health, energy, flexibility, and balance. Performing regular exercise boosts your entire level of health and fitness.

Exercise isn’t only for those who need to lose weight, also it isn’t about weight- losing and maintaining your weight. It’s about taking care of your body and improving your health. It’s a way to keep your body working in the best condition. It’s training for a disorder free lifestyle.

Fat, thin, sick, healthy, injured, athlete, young and old- everyone needs to exercise consistently.

Benefits of Exercise

— Work out strengthens your heart and boosts your circulation.

— Exercise has a vital role in managing your weight

— Can lessen your blood sugar level and enable your insulin to work much better.

— This can enable you to deal with anxiety and minimize your risk of depressive disorders.

— Exercise can help you to fall asleep quicker.

— It can lower your risk of dying early.

Exercise techniques for older Adults in Indian scenario

Everyone wants to be healthy but without doing any extra physical activity especially the older adults in India and this can be because of the stress of work and responsibilities. This leads to various health problems like anxiety, depression, body stiffness, etc.

Here we tell you about a simple but effective exercise for older adults. If you do these exercises daily then you clearly see the improvement on your body.

  • Laughter therapy may boost an elderly adult’s mental health and fitness.
  • Back leg raises
  • Toe lifts, knee lifts
  • Shoulder rolls
  • Hand and finger stretch
  • Also, you can do walking, cycling, and a minimum of time every day to enhance flexibility and stability.


Stress on women health and osteoporosis

Women who don’t exercise are at a greater risk of having (cardiovascular) heart disease.

Routine exercise can help lower the risk of building coronary sickness, heart stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes (type 2) and several tumors.  Exercise helps to lift up your mood, enhanced confidence, and broadened fulfillment with ourselves and reduce symptoms related to dejection, stress and depressive disorders.

One of the great benefits of exercise is that it can get your blood pressure down to more safe ranges by changing the firmness of your veins

If we talk about osteoporosis then it is a disorder characterized by porous bone, which means the system isn’t in a position to swap bone tissue at a pace that maintains up with a bone break down. This causes a decline in the integrity of the bone raising the risk of a fracture. This can be influenced by numerous lifestyle aspects like eating habits, too much alcohol intake, and cigarette use.

Exercise is an excellent way to reduce the possibilities of an osteoporosis diagnosis for the reason that it can develop strong bones and minimize the rate of bone loss.

Exercise can help people sleep better. It can also support some people who have minor depression and low self-esteem. And above, exercise can provide people a real sense of achievement and pride at having attained a certain goal like beating an old time in the 100-meter dash.

Role of exercise in increasing bone density

Lack of muscle power will cause a reduction in bone density and lowered overall performance in day-to-day responsibilities

Exercise is crucial for developing sturdy bones when we are young, and it is important for maintaining bone strength when we are aged. Work out is effective on bones a lot like it works on muscle by making them tougher. Due to the fact bone is living tissue; it changes in reply to the forces placed upon it. When you exercise consistently, your bone adapts by developing extra cells and starting to be denser.

One more benefit of exercise is that it boosts balance and control.

An impressive exercise for bone fitness consists of a half-hour of weight bearing hobby, 4-5 days every week. Examples of weight-bearing exercises consist of walking, hiking, jogging, sprinting, climbing stairs, playing badminton, grooving.

To enable you to stay encouraged, decide on an exercise that you enjoy.

There are extensive arrays of exercises that will allow you to start moving.

A 10-minute good walk 2-3 times a day is a remarkable manner to get began.

When starting an exercise schedule, you may have some muscle discomfort and pain at the commencing, but this should really not be hurtful or continue for more than 48 hrs. If it does, you may be doing the job too tough and require easing up. If you have any chest pain or discomfort then stop exercising and immediately discuss with your sports Nutritionist/Dietitian before your upcoming exercise program.

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