Diet for cancer patients

Effective Diet Therapy During Cancer

Cancer is a kind of disease, which leaves the body in a pathetic condition. The chemotherapy sessions are so exhausting that if proper nutrition is not adhered to, the body might perish. Effective diet therapy is the primary thrust of every cancer treatment. Having a proper diet before, during and after treatment will make the patient feel better and stronger. Not only will this increase the energy level and strength of the patients. In fact, it reduces the chance of infection and helps the body to heal and recover as fast as possible.

The various foods, which need to be added to our diet, are discussed below.


Protein is one of those essential nutrients, which repairs the damaged body tissues and provide an impetus to the immune system. Lack of protein severely affects the patients as the body that might break down muscles as a substitute for these proteins. This hampers the recovery rate of cancer patients. A solution to the problem lies in adding protein-rich foods to the diet plan like meat, eggs, nuts, dried beans, peas etc.


Calories are excellent in providing the extra energy needed for surgery and fighting cancer. The two best source of extra calories are-carbohydrates and fats. Foods like butter, oil, milk, cream, yogurt, muffins, ice cream, mayonnaise etc. should be added to the diet.


Water is an ultimate therapy for all the diseases. The side effects of cancer therapy may be vomiting, diarrhea etc. There is a loss of water in the body and if the body is not hydrated well, the patient might take a long time to recover.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are very essential for the proper functioning of the body. Normally, a balanced diet contains the requisite amount of vitamins and minerals which a body needs. But, during cancer treatment, the patients’ body demands extra vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it becomes very difficult to have a balanced diet in those circumstances. So, an alternative is to take recourse to vitamins and minerals supplement. (see more on calcium-rich foods)


Fats are a rich source of energy in the body. The body breaks down these fats in order to store energy. A cancer patient demands a good amount of energy for speedier recovery. So, it becomes all the more important to add fats to the diet plan.


Our body needs antioxidants to fight diseases. The demand for antioxidant rises in a cancer patient because of the grave nature of the disease. The antioxidants can be met through diet, if not, then antioxidant supplements may be taken recourse to.


These are the compounds possessing unique health protecting abilities. They are found in plants and they reach the body through the medium of fruits and vegetables.

Apart from all these diets, one new diet has grabbed attention in the recent past. It is believed to show a new ray of hope against cancer in both ways, in its prevention as well as its treatment. Let us discuss in detail as to how can the keto diet be helpful.

Keto Diet

Keto diets are low carbohydrate diet.  Their main concern is minimizing carbohydrates and replacing them with fats and proteins. They work under a very simple philosophy.  It is believed that in cancer patients, there is an increased demand for fatty acids and proteins in cancer patients while glucose acts as the main energy supplier. Keto diets (know more on Keto diet) are helpful in this regard, as they provide an adequate amount of fats and proteins and restrict the carbohydrate content.

Actually, there is a significant difference between cancer cells and normal cells. Many therapies and treatments are designed for keeping this in view. All the cancer cells get their nutrition from carbohydrate or blood sugar. Keeping this in view, keto diets have been designed.  They lower the blood sugar level. When the blood sugar level goes down, supplemented with low carbohydrate, the cancer cells are in a way starved. This starvation of cancer cells might result in their slow growth, reduction in their quantities and in extreme situations, they may even die.

Keto diets are marked by the formation of Ketones through the process of Ketosis. This process of accumulation of ketones may even hamper the growth of cancer in the body.

Not only this, the Keto diet puts a check on the increasing number of insulin in the body. Insulin being an anabolic hormone may facilitate the growth of cancer cells. Thus, the reduction in insulin growth is a good step.

The rich sources of Keto diet are seafood, cheese, low carbohydrate vegetables, avocados, meat, eggs, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, seeds, berry, butter, cream, dark chocolate etc.

Thus, the emergence of the Keto diet is a significant step in cancer treatment.

Adopting the diet plan as aforementioned can help in combating cancer. Although there is no guarantee to it if means are known, why not try them.

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This can place a lot of nutritional demands on your body. It is important to consistently consume a healthy diet and to drink nutritional drinks. You’re articles are amazing, I love them and read them with much interest.


A very helpful article. It worked as a very efficient method. Need more stuff like this.


Was extremely helpful to me, I was able to cure my problem faster. The diet did wonders to my health.