Easy ways to lose weight and get healthy


Let’s start by asking a question like do you consume products like that have diet and word light written on them? Do you think they are helping you lose weight? Here are practical weight loss tips that will help you to lose weight.

Weight loss tips:

  1. How to control hunger?

It is a lot easier to live our life if we are not feeling hungry all the time then if we are constantly hungry or trying to resist eating foods. The primary thing is eating whole natural food instead of eating processed food. Eating a lot of processed carbohydrate and sugar will never be able to satisfy hunger and hence does not help in losing weight. But once you can satisfy the hunger that is the first step towards losing weight.

  1. Calories:

The calories that we drink are perhaps the most insidious calories that we consume because we do not associate sugary drinks with the weight gain the way we associate candy bars and hamburgers with weight gain but you can just imagine that big gulp on your thighs because sugary drinks do turn into fats. So giving up the carbonated and sugar-filled drink can count on the tips to weight loss. Another note about mountain dew it contains 77 of sugar and carbohydrate which more than any candy bars. Replacing the soft drinks and even fruit juices which are also really high in sugar with healthier beverages is going to be a really good idea. Realize that water is the only beverage that is going to satisfy one’s thirst. Replacement of water can also be coconut water. Coconut water along with green tea is good for the skin. Drinking coconut water is one of the home remedies for glowing skin.

  1. Toxic sludge:

Sugar-free and diet products that people often replace their sugary beverages and foods. The claims that are made on the front of the label like sugar-free diet, the light healthy choice they are there for marketing purposes only. But you are smarter than these marketing people. At the back of this product, there is a long list of ingredients. The ingredient list also contains aspartame and artificial preservatives. Aspartame is found to be harmful to health.

  1. Eat fats:

If we are trying to lose weight we tend to eat less amount of fat. We usually switch to fat-free and no fat products like skim milk for instance. Even though they demonized fats over the last couple of decades they told us that the fat causes heart and leads to cholesterol symptoms. Fats are what make us fat. After a couple of decades, they are realizing that it is the carbohydrate and sugar which are the main cause of obesity and heart disease. Lack of fats and people’s diet is leading to health problem so we need fats for the health of our brain, health of our heart and also because fats are the big part of which makes us full and helps us feel satisfied. Eating healthy fats like olive oil, avocadoes, coconut oil, nuts doe not demonize fats but it curbs the hunger and gives us the feeling of fullness. Eating healthy fats helps in weight loss.


If you are starving yourself and counting calories then you just need to stop. Not only your irritability is becoming a problem for people around but also causing mental stress. But starvation and less calorie intake are not helpful tips for weight loss. So if we are restricting our body then our body assumes that it is going through famine and it clings to the remaining fats in our body. This will not help in the weight loss but would rather create other health implications rather than limiting one’s calorie one must work on improving the calorie.

Bottom line:

The weight loss industry is 60 million dollar industry full of miracle products that are offering you with the quick fix for weight loss. So there are diet pills, diet chart, pre-packaged meals all of these proclaim that they will help to reduce weight. But if we see the small prints in the packet every single one of them says results not typical, diet and exercise are important. So it leaves us wondering whether it is the diet and exercise or the diet pills they are selling us. When you have got celebrity endorsing any products that celebrity has the whole team of people helping them with fitness. So if the so-called pill worked on them that does not mean that it will work on you also. They have a specific diet plan for weight loss depending on their work. So instead of looking for the quick fixes, it is important for us to invest that money on healthy food and practices



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