Are the diet beverages actually healthy for you? Complete analysis

Should you be having diet beverages?

Diet beverages are the beverages that are taken into the intake after a meal with supposedly fewer calories, which in turn reduces the intake of sugar and calories. Diet Pepsi, Fuzzy drinks, Sweetened beverages are some example of diet beverages.

Let us look into the details of some diet beverage like Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi and closely observe to find out whether they should be taken or not.

Diet Coke

  1. A very intriguing fact about diet coke is that the phosphoric acid that is present in the diet coke attacks your enamel. As a result, you are supposed to be affected badly within 10 minutes of intake. Though the damage isn’t immediately visible – however, in the distant future you will be affected.

Also, the artificial sweeteners that are present in the diet coke also trick your body into understanding that sugar intake has taken place, while in reality, it is not so.


  1. The acidity of diet coke is very high as it is visible from its pH of 3.2. As a result, it can create immediate acidity in the stomach.


  1. Risk of metabolic syndrome increases on consumption of diet coke. Metabolic syndrome comprises of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Hence heart patients, patients suffering from diabetes should avoid diet cokes at any cost.


  1. Skin and acne problems result from excess consumption of diet coke due to its acidic property.


  1. The risk of hypertension increases due to the consumption of diet coke. This is a very scary fact but is equally true.


  1. Diet coke is bad for the kidneys even though it is low on calories. It reduces the power of kidneys. Kidneys help in filtering the waste of the body. If the kidney is affected, then the metabolism of the body if effected altogether.


  1. Diet coke dehydrates the body. This is because of the caffeine present in diet coke. The caffeine urges the body to urinate and you retain less water after the consumption of diet coke having zero calories.


  1. It is addictive. Diet coke is actually addictive and contrary to convention, the body gets adapted to the drink and hence it is a tough addiction to overcome.


Hence, after knowing these facts about diet coke it is evident that one must avoid diet cokes as much as possible. To be honest, contrary to belief, it is not a sweet drink with fewer calories that takes care of your health. It is an addictive agent that causes immense harm to your body too.


The disadvantages of caffeine abuse


Caffeine has become an integrated part of our lives in today’s generation. However, one must keep in mind that caffeine is harmful nevertheless for the body. Here are some of the effects that caffeine has on our body.


  1. The rise in blood pressure: The consumption of caffeine causes the blood pressure to rise above normal and the effect has been phenomenal among those who are suffering from hypertension.


  1. Increase in fibrocystic breast disease: Increased consumption of caffeine has caused the risk of fibrocystic breast disease in women.


  1. Insomnia: This effect of caffeine is phenomenally well known. This property is exploited to use caffeine to keep awake at night. However, regular consumption of caffeine can cause insomnia which effects the regular life cycle of an individual.


  1. Reduction in fertility: Women who consume more caffeine tend to be infertile, as per the studies from The University of Nevada School of Medicine. As a matter of fact, it is said that the consumption of caffeine can cause a reduction in the chances of a woman to get pregnant.


  1. Vasomotor symptoms: Vasomotor symptoms generally appear during menopause. Generally, the menopause itself if a variant procedure with mood swings, pain, and irregular vaginal bleeding. Menopause symptoms are worsened by the consumption of caffeine.


Thus, as a diet beverage, even caffeine is not safe.


Let us look into the healthier alternatives of diet coke/ Pepsi.


Some healthy alternatives to diet coke/ Pepsi are as follows:

  1. Adding food slices into the water. This is much better than the artificial drinks that are filled with artificial sweetening agents. You can also chop the food, put them inside an ice cube tray, and freeze them after adding some water. That way, your purpose of a delicious, cool drink is served.


  1. Green tea is another alternative to diet coke/ Pepsi. Not only it is free of calorie but it is also an antioxidant. Thus, green tea supplements for diet coke.


  1. Red wine can also suffice for diet coke/Pepsi. However, one must take it in moderate amounts.


  1. Vegetable juices can also help you to get the necessary refreshment and can act as an alternative to diet coke given it is taken in low sodium version.

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