The fitness world has popularized the concept of DETOXIFICATION, How exactly does this detoxification benefit the human body?

As the name suggests detoxification is the process by which harmful toxins are removed from our body with the help of organic fruits, vegetables, water, and juices. Although the human body has natural detoxification mechanisms such as liver, kidney, colon, skin, and lungs, Due to urbanization and exposure to pollutants, pesticides, preservatives and heavy metal particles, the amount of toxins that enter the body has increased drastically. Hence, our biological system is struggling to expel the toxins. Detoxification provides assistance to our natural detoxification mechanisms. Detoxification can be done both internally and externally (Hair detox, skin detox). We will talk about some positive effects of detoxification

Positive Effects of Detoxification

Improves Immunity

According to Cindy Papp, a certified nutritional counselor at article.com, the toxins consumed by the human body cause autoimmune diseases, chronic diseases and obesity. Detoxification boosts the immune system through cleansing the body by removing the toxic wastes. When the blood and lymph are not cluttered by toxins the white blood cells can move freely, communicate better and performs its task better. Hence, protecting us from these diseases. see how  to work on obesity?

Increases Energy

Energy is produced in the human body by Mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell. Toxins can disturb the production of energy in these cellular compartments. Since the process mainly comprises adequate hydration, it removes substances like sugar and caffeine, which cause energy crashes. In the initial stage, a detox diets might cause fatigue in people who used to have a diet high in toxins but it enhances a person’s energy in the later stage.

Provides Micronutrients

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has highlighted the common links such as Iron deficiency and anemia, iodine deficiency and thyroid, vitamin A deficiency and degenerative eye diseases. As a detox diet centers on nutrient-dense foods and beverages, it ensures that the body gets adequate antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and other micronutrients.

Weight Loss And Management

Detoxification is a healing process that boosts metabolism thus, resulting in the loss of weight. It also aids in long-term weight management as it keeps the toxins in check. how to tone your body after weight loss?

Stress Management

A study in Clinical Endocrinology identified a connection between high Cortisol levels and Fatty liver disease. Cortisol is a hormone released during chronic and acute stress. Higher levels of Cortisol over a prolonged period might lead to major health problems such as decreased liver function. A detox diet high in blood sugar balancing foods can help in the regulation of Cortisol levels. Know more about Hypertension 

Clear Skin

The liver is one of the major routes for detoxification. When the liver is unable to detoxify the toxins due to the excessive load of toxins such as environmental pollutants, inflammatory foods or alcohol, the body will try to release those toxins through pores on the skin, which often leads to the formation of acne. Detoxification can help prevent this and gives you clear skin.

Healthy Hair

A toxin build up due to use of hair color, exposure to pollutants, blow drying and chemical products prevent the necessary nutrients from reaching the hair follicles and result in dry, brittle hair. Detoxification process repairs the damaged hair and strengthens the roots (also see the best tips to avoid hair-fall).

Helps Internal Organs

As mentioned earlier, the increase in excessive toxic intake creates an additional burden for the lungs, liver, colon and other detoxification mechanisms of our body. Hence, the detoxification process through positive lifestyle and healthy diet support our body’s ability to remove the toxins. It provides a break to the internal organs responsible for detoxification.

Improves Thinking

Detoxification also benefits the mental condition of an individual. When toxic loads fog the brain the ability to focus is affected. Since most of the harmful toxins are fat-soluble, it affects the brain, as it absorbs pesticides, heavy metals, and other fat-soluble toxins. A Detox helps to improve the clarity in thinking

Improvement In Breath

When the digestive system functions better without the disturbances from toxic substances, the causes for bad breath are removed. Thus, providing you a nicer breath.

Harmful toxins enter our body through different means. They alter our biological system and result in various health issues detoxification is a way through which we can entirely cleanse our body and lead a healthier life. Choose to remove the toxins by healthier lifestyle choices.

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