Computer Vision Syndrome aka Digital Eye Strain



Computer Vision Syndrome is also known as Digital Eye Strain and it includes a group of eye and vision-related problems as the name suggests. The prolonged use of computers, tablets, and all the other E-gadgets lead to this problem. And, as you must have guessed this is a rather millennial problem and has crept in our lifestyles due to its increasingly sedentary nature.

Many people report eye discomfort and problems in vision due to viewing digital screens for long periods of time. The more you use digital gadgets, the more likely is this problem to increase. The symptoms may vary and the severity also depending on the use of the screens.

The most common symptoms may be listed as –

  1. Strain in eyes
  2. Headaches and migraines
  3. Blurry and watery vision
  4. Dryness and itchiness in eyes
  5. Pain in the shoulder, neck, and spine


The reasons these symptoms happen may be due to different reasons related to gadgets and their use. Poor lighting, bad/harmful glare, too close or too far away from the screen, also poor seating posture and wrong vision problems. Problems with the eye like presbyopia, astigmatism, myopia, and hypermetropia worsen the effect. The combination of all these factors aggregates Computer Vision Syndrome.

Mostly the problems related to this syndrome are temporary and will stay as long as the cause of the problem is the present i.e. digital screen. But, with prolonged use, the problem may become chronic and prolonged. The problems like faulty vision and migraine triggers may become continuous. Thus, the problem has to be dealt with initially so that it doesn’t continue being a worry. Uncorrected vision problems can increase the severity of this syndrome.

We all know that reading a printed page is easier and more comfortable than reading information through a digital screen or a computer. The presence of glares and shines on the screen may adversely affect the eyes and the body. The eye is subjected to a lot of strain and it is obviously a matter of discomfort. Thus we need to pay close attention to this problem before it worsens anymore.

The diagnosis is easy because the symptoms are easy to detect as they cause visible discomfort in everyday lives. It may include patient history, most importantly a history of bodily discomforts. Any previous medications which must have been used to avoid pains and eye strains. Eye tests are regularly done so that any eye defects are ruled out and treated if present. The focus of the eyes and any other problems are detected.

Now we shall look at the way we can treat this problem, in most cases avoid it as we might have heard Prevention is better than cure.

The practices are simple and can be incorporated in daily lives easier.

  1. With a particularly sedentary lifestyle, it is important that studying and reading conditions or desk jobs have been made as comfortable as possible. Since we cannot avoid work, we have to modify our conditions so that minimum discomfort is experienced. The lighting conditions should be made in such a way that the glare does not affect the eyes adversely.
  2. Posture matters more and with increasing physiotherapy needs due to persistent pain and aches throughout the body in these days is another matter of concern. We should try to make our posture and sitting conditions inclined in such a way that we are comfortable.
  3. Breaks are as necessary as work. Bodies are not machines and problems arise if you treat it like one. Thus make sure you have enough refreshments so that the body does not wear off due to exertion.
  4. Physical exercise should be incorporated along with some Yogic postures which can provide relief to the strain our bodies are subjected to daily.


This problem is present not only among adults in such working conditions but even kids and teens who may stare at the computers for long hours.

Thus, prevention stands as the topmost way to avoid CVS. Minimizing use of such screens is an effective way in cases where it cannot be avoided the routines and postures should be kept in mind. CVS is a problem of this new era and it is much better if we know how to limit our digital consumption and regulate our activities properly.


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