Complete Diet Analysis of 7 Most Popular Diets

Complete Diet Analysis


Ketogenic Diet

  1. What it is – The Ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carbohydrate diet that involves lowering carbohydrate intake. To compensate, fat intake is increased to meet the body’s energy requirements. This situation causes ketosis in the body, which is a metabolic state. Keto diet is great at reducing insulin and blood sugar rapidly. Simultaneously, ketones in the body increase. This leads to wonderful benefits.
  2. How it works – Nearly seventy-five percent of carbohydrates are replaced with fats. The body is unable to use carbohydrates for energy and hence turns to its fat stores. This causes weight loss and also produces a byproduct known as ketones, a state called ketosis. Ketones can replace glucose as an energy source and are in fact even preferred by certain parts of the body.
  3. Why it works – The principle is sound. Nutritional deficiencies are comparatively less as only carbohydrates are cut out, not proteins. The body takes a while to adjust to the constant ketosis. During this time, you may experience fatigue, nausea, headaches, bad breath, irritability, and brain fog. But once this stage passes, the effects of the keto diet become obvious very quickly.
  4. Calorific deficit – Your metabolism and the time it takes your body to adjust to ketosis determine whether you are suffering from a calorific deficit. In general, the initial symptoms mentioned above pass in a week’s time. If they persist, you might have to tweak your diet accordingly, perhaps adding back a number of carbohydrates back and then reducing them gradually.



  1. What it is – A Paleo diet involves reverting back to a diet our earliest ancestors followed. The logic is that our sedentary lifestyles are causing most of our modern diseases such as diabetes, and can be combated by following the diets of the ancient hunter-gatherers.
  2. How it works – The diet eliminates food containing high amounts of fat and sugar and processed items. These contain too many calories while at the same time being severely low on essential nutrients. The logic is that if it wasn’t available in the stone age, it should not be consumed now. Diet is restricted to fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein.
  3. Why it works – In addition to diet control, daily exercise is needed for the Paleo diet to show its full effects. Weight loss is guaranteed because you cut out an entire food group. This automatically leads to lower calorie intake, meaning your body has to compensate by burning its fat stores.
  4. Calorific deficit – You will need a minimum of at least one hundred grams of carbohydrates per day. These should be obtained from nuts and seeds such as almonds, cashews, pistachios, and walnuts. Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds are also great options. In a customized Paleo diet, you can include healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, and eggs.


Intermittent Fasting

  1. What it is – Instead of following a strict diet every day, this method allows you to eat normally most of the time, with regular intervals of two to three days when you must watch your calories. This diet is perfect for you if you want to lose weight but cannot commit to a diet full time.
  2. How it works – Only healthy foods are allowed. Processed foods, oily/spicy/junk food are a strict no. On the dieting days, you can keep full only with water or tea.
  3. Why it works – The logic is that fasting puts some stress on the cells in the body. To respond to this situation, the cells strengthen themselves. This causes more calories to be burnt. Also, the immune system gets stronger.
  4. Calorific deficit – This diet can lead to weight loss in the short term. However, children, diabetics and pregnant women must not follow this diet. To prevent a calorific deficit, a minimum of 500-600 calories should be consumed on fasting days. Fresh fruits are an ideal choice.



Low carb/Atkins

  1. What it is – Atkins diet is one of the most effective diets for weight loss around, with thousands of proven successes. Its popularity is down to the fact that it doesn’t make dieting a dreaded chore. Following the Atkins diet means you have to limit carbohydrates and replace them with delicious proteins and healthy fats.
  2. How it works – Proteins and fats can provide just as much energy as carbohydrates when they are digested. So lean proteins and healthy fats such as poultry, eggs, seafood, dairy, cheese, and butter are consumed. The only carbohydrates you can consume will be from non-starchy vegetables. Eventually, the diet incorporates legumes, beans, whole grains, and fruits.
  3. Why it works – If you can keep your portion sizes under control, this is the diet for you. It leads to genuine weight loss in the short term. However, in the initial stages, water weight is eliminated. To keep the diet effective over a period of time needs you to stick to the twenty food items mentioned in the Atkins diet. Processed/starchy/oily/deep fried foods are completely cut out. You will also need a regular exercise regimen.
  4. Calorific deficit – Choose plant fat over animal fat. Protein too should be plant based such as lentils and soy. If you are suffering from heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes or kidney disease, consult a dietician before you proceed.


Weight watchers

  1. What it is – Created in late 2017 by the Online Plus community, it was quickly rated one of the best diets around and effective in weight loss and healthy living. To receive guidance from the company requires you to sign up online and pay a minimum of $19.95 per month. The diet claims to target short-term weight loss goals.
  2. How it works – A Smart Points system allocates points to over two hundred food items, factoring in their calorific content, sugar, saturated fat, protein content, and nutritional breakup. Your gender, age, height, and weight are used to assign you a daily Smart Points target. You have the freedom to eat whatever you want as long as you meet this target. This allows an overhaul of your entire health and nutrition.
  3. Why it works – Simply because it is easy to follow. The online app can automatically calculate the target if you input the ingredients in a certain dish. Also, you don’t have to restrict yourself or keep an eye on what you are eating all the time. The diet allows you to relax and still get results.
  4. Calorific deficit – Very little chance of calorific deficits in the case of healthy adults. If you have other medical conditions, it is wiser to consult a dietician first.


Macro-based IIFYM

  1. What it is – This diet argues that you can eat food items from each macronutrient group (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) every day as long they fit into your daily requirement.
  2. How it works – Calculate how many grams of protein, fat, and carbohydrates you need every day taking into account your age, gender, height, and weight. This gives you the maximum allowed grams of each food group allowed per day. Simply stick to grams limit to see the diet take effect.
  3. Why it works – It is much easier to follow than counting calories. This gives people the motivation to stick to the diet. There is no adjustment period for the body since no drastic changes are introduced. It also makes it easier to transition to a healthy diet.
  4. Calorific deficit – If you are following the method properly, no calorific deficit should be seen. Eighty percent of calories can be obtained from whole foods and fruits and vegetables. 


The caveman diet is just another name for the Paleo diet. Both operate on the same principles. (See Paleo diet above) Before following any diet, consult with a dietician. He or she will take into account your situation, personal characteristics and requirements to come up with the diet best suited for your body. He or she will also guide you through the process to avoid adverse reactions from the body.


Good luck and happy healthy living to you!

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