Complete analysis of Tuberculosis                                                  

what are the symptoms and stages of tuberculosis?


Tuberculosis is a communicable potential disease that has a history from the developed nations. It was seen that, after the sway of HIV, TB shows its appearance. A person, when affected by HIV, has low-resistant to infections due to a weakened immune system, so the body cannot defend itself from the TB germ. Being an infectious disease it easily spreads through the droplets released during coughing and sneezing by an infected person via air. So it has to get treated during the initial stages to avoid worsening the condition.

There are two stages involving the severity of infection, one is the latent-stage, as the immune system has the capability of suppressing the antigens or any foreign particle so in the initial stages the germ even though is present in the body remains dormant. This produces no symptoms and is non-contagious. Gradually if the situation remains untreatable then it transforms into the second stage called active TB. The germs are now activated in your body and cause the symptoms being contagious. Apart from affecting the lungs it can also spread and affect to kidneys, spine, and brain such condition is called TB outside the lungs and involves symptoms depending upon the organ it affects. A weakened immune system is a major cause of catching the infection. AIDS, diabetes, kidney diseases, malnutrition, cancer treatment drugs or other medication for arthritis and psoriasis are loads of conditions for a weakened immune system, and these patients are more likely to catch the diseases. The maximum number of deaths on TB is due to the inaccessibility of medical facilities and poverty. Unawareness about alcohol abuse and tobacco use greatly increases the risk factor of getting TB.

The symptoms initially go unnoticed as casual cough or sneeze, but if the cough exceeds 3 weeks you need to see a doctor. Sometimes the symptoms may be fatal resulting in blood and phlegm from deep inside the lungs along with chest pain and fever. Weight loss is frequently seen. The symptoms arose depending upon the type of TB. If it’s extrapulmonary TB, affecting the spine or brain, then a consistent back pain and headache or migraine are seen. Lymphadenitis is seen in the case of lymph node TB, which causes a slow proliferation of lymph nodes, resulting in joint pain. The gastrointestinal and kidney TB have symptoms associated with indigestion and irritability in the colon and intestine. Several medications have been implemented by the government to eradicate the disease. But the bacteria has however become resistant. When a TB drug is administered, if it fails to kill all the target pathogens then the live ones become potent and develop resistance to various other drugs too.so the treatment has been difficult.

A good diet is necessary to build your immune system to fight against active tuberculosis. The stamina and strength can be derived from green leafy vegetables with high iron and vitamin content. Antioxidants rich fruits and vegetables like berries and tomatoes are beneficial. Unsaturated fats like olive oil can be used for any food preparation .you are more likely to lose weight, so a high-calorie diet can help maintain malnutrition and underweight problem. Foods with zinc and vitamin A are necessary for the building of body self antibodies. Avoid habits of tobacco and alcohol. Avoid red meat or foodstuff with high cholesterol and saturated fats. Load with leaner protein sources like beans and tofu.

The government has taken every possible step to increase the very awareness for Tuberculosis and even provided vaccination for the same. An active vaccination against the disease is necessary from a younger age so that you do not further have the risk of developing the disease .it has been seen that, although TB has not been completely eradicated the cases of the disease have been seen to get reduced from years. A proper diet and awareness are what is needed from the side of every individual instead of relying on non-medical superstitions, it’s high time to know the real truth and remains protected.

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