Squash Receipes

Complete Analysis of Squash Recipes

Complete Analysis of Squash Recipes

Squash recipes are now gaining prominence as people have started becoming more and more concerned about their well-being and fitness. This article attempts to analyze the various squash recipes and their benefits when cooked in the right way.

The variety of pumpkins serves a unique purpose and taste. While deciding which one you should consume you have a huge variety to choose from.

Pumpkins largely differ because of skin, flesh, shapes, textures, sizes, and benefits.

Winter Squash

This variety runs from late summer to winter and has a huge variety to choose from. With thick, tough shells, which protect the sweet, inner food these vegetable, stores a good amount of flesh. Heavier squashes are always better, whatever the variety. Cooking the squash properly enhances its benefits.

Butternut Squash

This squash item fills menus and platters due to delightful risotto flavor-filled recipes. The sweetest winter squash, this makes a thick, bright orange and moist delicacy which is quite versatile and even tasty when roasted. It is easily mashed able and luscious therefore being a perfect choice for cooking.

Acorn Squash

More commonly available this variety is even further moist, sweeter and tender than the previous one.  It is a dark green one, which becomes yellowish, maybe with splotches. These make excellent main courses for many vegans too.

Spaghetti Squash

This one is mainly important for its texture and becomes tastier and edible either when it is roasted or prepared along with tomato sauce. After cooking, it takes up its special texture finally.

Delicata Squash

Cheerful appearance and sweet and nutty flavor, this variety is drier as compared to other varieties of squash. It can be roasted with either cinnamon syrup or butter and maple syrup. It is not easily stored because of its skin, which is thinner as compared to other squashes. These are really delicate squashes.

Hubbard Squash

Field pumpkins are large and so are Hubbard squashes. Due to its large squash size, it often preferred by home cooks. The color varies from dark blue to green on the color spectrum. Best when prepared roasted; these are even seasoned with the help of rosemary and dark pepper. They can then be mashed to enhance their recipe quality. With more sitting time, these recipes become sweeter.

Sweet Dumpling Squash

This is the cutest squash recipe and thus are perfect for stuffing, roasting and serving as an appetizer. With a slight corn flavor, this pumpkin recipe has a smooth texture and sweet taste.

Blue Hokkaido Pumpkin

A variety of pumpkin this gray-blue category is subtly sweet and has a deep nutty taste, which tastes better than most squashes. A delicious variant this a wonderful stuffed squash which is good for baking and soups.

Turban Squash

Another famous variant in the shape of a turban, this edible pumpkin is excellent for soups and gives off a wonderful floury texture. It can even be roasted and eaten.

Kabocha Squash

Sweet to taste and tender to use, this nutty flavored pumpkin is remarkable and most easily used for recipes. Dark green and large rounded varieties these look beautiful for decorations too. The cooking style is such that the skin stays intact.

Long Island Cheese Pumpkins

These pumpkins are often plump and magical to look at also called “Cinderella Pumpkin”, also the oldest ones. These pumpkins are unimaginably one of the tastiest and can be almost comfortable with any cooking process. It can be grilled, steamed, boiled, roasted and pickled – nearly everything.

Rouge Vif d’Etampes

Red-orange in color these also come under the category of Cinderella pumpkins. With proper spacing, they are wonderful when eaten after roasting them.

Red Kuri (Hokkaido) Squash

Good for soups and baked cakes, this variety of pumpkin is nutty, mellow and good for baked goods. Complemented with spice, it becomes heavenly.

Sugar Pie and other sweet pumpkins

This is a variety of winter squash used for soups to make delicious squashes. As the name suggests, this pumpkin is sweet, delicious, and used just like acorn squash. This squashes are also used for a variety of purposes and can be baked, roasted, mashed or made purees of. These are really tasty and are fun for a dinner party treat.

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