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Complete Analysis of Sleeplessness Disorder

Most of us are faced with the trouble of sleeping. This trouble may be due to various reasons- stress, diseases, travel, workload etc. If it is due to these reasons, it is okay. Nevertheless, it becomes a matter of concern when it occurs on a regular basis and disrupts the daily life pattern of an individual. Healthy living is actually associated with a night of healthy sleep. Without proper and sound sleep, one cannot expect a proper physical and mental wellness of an individual.

What Is Sleeplessness Disorder?

Sleeplessness disorder is a kind of disorder associated with the sleep pattern of a person or an animal. This results in affecting and damaging the sleep ability of an individual. It is also called as somnipathy..

Types of Sleeplessness Disorder

There are various types of sleeplessness disorder. These are-


Insomnia implies poor sleep quality or loss of sleep. It can be due to various reasons like difficulty in sleeping, waking up very early in the morning or waking often in the middle of the night. Insomnia is characterized by various symptoms like a feeling of daytime sleepiness, disturbances in behavior, difficulty in focusing, loss of energy, experiencing poor quality of life etc.

Sleep Apnea

This is a condition characterized by a halt on breathing for a few seconds during the night. It happens due to a blockage in the upper respiratory system. This blockage is caused due to collapsing of the soft tissues in the throat and blocking the airway of oxygen. In severe cases, this disorder may severely affect the heart and lead to various cardiovascular problems.

Restless Leg Syndrome

It is a kind of sleep disorder marked by a continuous urge to move one’s legs. This urge can be in the form of creeping, itching, burning, throbbing etc. This overwhelming need often results in loss of sleep.


Narcolepsy results in the experience of chronic daytime sleepiness. Not simply this, but the patient might at times experience these sleep attacks anytime during the day. It is of various different types..

Cause of Sleeplessness Disorder

There are plethora of reasons, which can be attributed to sleeplessness disorder. Let us discuss them one by one.

  • Respiratory problems- Problems in respiration make it quite difficult to breathe through the nose. During the night, this problem leads to the loss in sleep.
  • Frequent urination- Frequent urination, or more scientifically, called nocturia is that condition of the body in which an individual experiences frequent urge to urinate at short intervals of time. When this happens during the night, it disturbs the sleep pattern of an individual.
  • Persistent Pain– Many of the diseases like arthritis, fibromyalgia, lower back pain etc. are known to result in chronic pain. This chronic pain affects an individual and thus leads to poor quality of sleep.
  • Stress–  Stress is a phenomenon which if severe, leads to various other phenomena like nightmares, sleep talking, sleepwalking etc. When this phenomenon develops in an individual, he/she becomes sleep deprived.

Risks Associated With Sleeplessness Disorder

Poor sleep means fatigue. Fatigue implies a loss of energy. Energy loss leads to poor quality of work. This poor quality of work affects an individual in every area of life where he lives. Most importantly, sometimes sleep disorder is the root cause of various ailments.

Preventive Measures To Be Taken

The various preventive measures that can be taken to avoid sleeplessness disorder are-

  • Meditation– Meditation is a remedy for most of the diseases. It helps in combating causes of a sleep disorder like anxiety and stress.
  • Exercising– Well, exercising and yoga is another good remedy. It improves not only physical but also mental health. This helps in tackling disorder of any sort.
  • Listening music- Music is a very good source of relaxing one’s mental health. Listening to good music maintains healthy blood pressure.
  • Make a daily routine- Make a daily routine which includes every stuff, right from morning exercising to the fixed sleeping time.
  • Talk to good people- Often, a healthy talk with a good person is a solution to many problems. It is the case with the sleep disorder. When one talks to good people, they help in one’s counseling and guide us so as to what should be done.
  • Prioritize sleep-Of course, work is important. However, work needs to be coupled with sound sleep. One should not be so lost in work, that he/she is not able to take out a proper sleeping time.

Diet to be Taken

  • Cherries
  • Seafood
  • Legumes
  • Turkey
  • Warm milk
  • Walnuts
  • Popcorn
  • Kiwi
  • Almonds
  • Bread
  • White Rice
  • Chamomile tea
  • Flaxseeds
  • Fatty Fish
  • Yogurt
  • Honey

Foods to Avoid

  • Wine
  • Bananas
  • Green Tea
  • Ice cream


Thus, one can very well say that sleep disorder affects mental and physical health and hampers one’s daily routine, but if proper precautions are taken and a proper diet plan is adopted then it will be very easy to defeat this disorder. Let us make our mind firm and be determined to fight with it.

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