Complete Analysis of Portion Distortion

What Is Portion Distortion?

Portion distortion is composed of two words- portion and distortion. The word “Portion” means the quantity of food that one wishes to consume in his lunch, dinner etc. Distortion means the change in something. Portion distortion implies the growing portion size.

If we look at the ancient era, we find that the portion size was relatively small. However, with the advancement of time, in the modern era, these sizes have undergone a tremendous increase. Many of the restaurants serving a full plate meal for an individual actually contain servings, which can easily satisfy the hunger of two or three individuals. In fact, a single portion is now equal to multiple servings.

Although many people call Portion Distortion as normal, few of them consider it a growing matter of concern. Why is it so? Let us discuss it in detail.

Portion Distortion: A BIG Concern

India has one of the largest numbers of obese people in the world. Obesity is not a single disease in itself, but with it, it carries a multitude of problems. In fact, many of the cardiovascular diseases, kidney problems etc. are a result of increased weight and size. But, the question is- What are the causes of obesity?

Well, the causes are many. But, let us discuss one of the most important cause and that is Portion Distortion. Actually, portion distortion has entered our lives so well that a majority of us have started thinking those huge portions as normal. The consequence of this is that our diet intake has increased and we do not even realize that it is not normal to consume so much at once. It must be noted that changing the Diet lifestyle does not mean change in Dieting (see How..?).

Not only this but when we go to restaurants and order something to eat if it is unhealthy, then consuming that large quantity is bound to hamper our health.

All this has compelled us to ponder on the serious health issue, which our society is facing because of portion distortion.

Consequences of Portion Distortion


Well said by someone, the larger the serving size of food and bigger the container, more likely that an individual will eat more. Researches and studies have proved that the increased portion servings have significantly lead to a reduction in the tendency of controlling eating behavior. The urge to eat has increased because of it. It has led to eating more than what the body requires.


Another biggest consequence, as discussed earlier in the growing problem of obesity. The increased portion has increased our waistlines. The consumption of more food has made people obese. In addition, this obesity leads to a number of diseases.

Ways to tackle Portion Distortion

The numerous ways to tackle portion distortion are given below. These are-

Size your diet  

This is one of the biggest steps in combating portion distortion. Simply, all the cups, spoons, plates are to be taken of sizes measured according to one’s weight and meal is to be served in those utensils. Not only these utensils but in fact, daily objects of fixed sizes can also be used for this purpose. It will help in keeping a check on the dietary intake.  Suggestion is also that you should be on the DASH Diet (majorly for hypertension)

Do not eat while watching TV, playing video games

One does not even realize how much he/she has consumed while watching TV. In fact, he feels the hunger to have more and more food, but this should be reduced.

Eat nutritious food  

Adding nutritious food and vegetables is a very good solution to the problem. First thing, no one can eat too much of these fruits and veggies and second thing, even if one eats, then it will actually prove to be helpful to the health of an individual. Also, see on what are the Top 5 biggest dietary problems that people do generally face!

Wrap leftovers  

It is not necessary that one will consume whatever is served to his/her plate. Even if, the food is extra it can actually be packaged for later.

Eat with focus  

Many a times, when one does not concentrate on his/her eating, then he is likely to eat more. So, it is better to eat with full concentration on the plate.

Eat with family, colleagues etc  

Whenever one visits a restaurant, a healthy option is to have a company. Having a company actually provides one with a sharer in food.

Add salad to the menu  

Adding salads to the menu is a good choice. Salad provides the body with the essential nutrients and reduces appetite a bit (see more on the best time to have salad).

Eat food with good aroma

Studies have proved that foods with good aroma decrease appetite. Adding such foods more to the menu will track the food intake efficiently.

Well, these are some of the known ways to tackle Portion Distortion. However, apart from this, the most important way is self-will and determination. If one is determined to avoid extra consumption of food, no plate in the world is big enough to lure you.


A small distortion in our portion diet can lead to some serious changes in our body health. Hence, it is very much required that one need to be concern full for his/her routine diet. People nowadays are working late and many are not getting sufficient time to work on their health. Above mentions, solutions are the good ways to reduce this problem but it is advisable to keep in touch with some online dietitian and nutritionist so you can get your customized diet plan.

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I personally found Portion Distortion insightful and fun. I also hope that next time I eat on the run, I will think twice about the food portions offered to you. Amazing writing stlye, great content.