Study of Nutritional Psychiatry

Complete Analysis of Nutritional Psychiatry


Ever wonder why nutritional psychiatry is gaining prominence as we move towards the next millennium?

It is because as we grow further into the urban life, our focus on mental health development has definitely increased because we now are able to shift our focus towards the branch of the human mind and its behavior. Researchers have started emphasizing about the new menace of perturbed mental states among individuals irrespective of age and physical well-being.

Nutritional psychiatry is all about this and much more. A growing disciple of modern sciences, this field is much more relevant today when the peace of mind is becoming a remote concept.

Before we take any useful conclusions from this field of behavioral sciences, we need to understand how our brain actually works in response to our diet and how it conveys its nutritional demands.

Time and again the focus has been on getting highly nutritious quality foods into the system with proportionate amounts of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and supplements that nourish the brain and eventually lead to a healthier body. Only if the brain functions properly is it actually able to fight off any toxic foreign elements that enter the bloodstream. Thus, good food not only makes our diet better but it even makes the capacity to fight some inevitable toxins better.

Excess of everything is bad. Adulterated foods are the root cause of more than enough calories and sugars into our body which are beyond the capacity of our body to heal. They aggravate more if our body is weak and incapable of putting up a good fight. All empirical data on food correlation studies show results that indicate that refined items and highly processed manufacturing food items like sugars, alcohol and junk items lead to impairment in the brain functioning direly affecting our brain health. I guess it makes sense easily that our brain has a very direct correlation with our eating habits.

The most delicate part is the gastrointestinal system which when flooded with the bad categories of food is unable to beat them into simpler components. Apart from excess fat concentration, it leads to storage of unnecessary harmful substances in the body and our nervous and hormonal coordination falls out of balance. It affects the way we think and may even lead to slow or aggressive behaviors with an unstable state of mind. Naturally, if the mind is unstable and worries a lot it is unable to detoxify itself and it will opt for even worse decisions in every aspect of life whether – social, mental, physical, physiological, etc. affecting every aspect of the body.

Gut health is extremely important in fighting the bad diet menace. Probiotics are suggested by many experts in the field because with low food quality available to our body it is not strong enough to fight the problems on its own. The body is more delicate than it seems.

Westernization has not been rewarding always, especially in diets. Traditional methods and items of consumption in local traditions have been neglected however; some studies say that the mind is a happier place in terms of food intake when people choose traditional and simpler food items in comparison to the western factory processed foods, which our bodies and genetics may not be even, meant for.

What should be your plan and approach then? It should be a MODERATE AND CLEAN DIET.

Learn to say no when you know you should. And, you will start this process of enlightenment once you know what food affects you how. Inform yourself about the various healthy options available because in the end, it is going to be your body and you!

Remember – Simplicity is the key. The simpler foods you feed your body upon, the easier it is for the bodily systems to naturally deal with it. You shall definitely feel a change when your metabolism works just fine even without medications and any other artificial remedies to remove discomfort.

More importantly, the correlation of food with bigger and more problematic diseases is even more dreadful. The most interrelated problem is an attack on cardiovascular health. Ever wonder why heart attacks are now so common, especially in Asian countries?

This is greatly due to the increase in artificial food supplements entering the body and also the direct impact f of switching over to sedentary lifestyles. The huge amount of useless calories we consume need to be burnt away and if they are not, they become slow poison for the body. It is like living a slow death.

Therefore, this study of food and its effect on the brain is becoming a necessity and as healthy and contributing individuals, we should try to use it to positively affect our lives!

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Your blog is really informative. Loved all the articles. GREAT WORK


I love how you write your articles, great work. All the articles are really informative.