Food Carving

Complete Analysis of Food Craving

Complete Analysis of Food Craving

We have all been accustomed to food cravings, haven’t we?

It may be due to our midnight cravings or watching some really delicious food pictures on Instagram, maybe due to some hunger pangs assaulting our stomach after a hard days’ work. Monotony is boring, obviously and being an essential item for survival all of us have varying inclinations towards different types of foods.

The causes may be serious or not, depending on the intensity and frequency of our cravings.

Since food cravings depend upon our mood, it is rather complicated to study about them. The studies generally show a large variety of patterns and mood changes. It is important to know when the mood becomes a habit and the habit becomes a problem.

In these millennial times, overindulgence into an improvisation of different food items has somehow made us binge, unnecessary eaters. We generally delve into the endless, insatiable consumption of exquisite foods which may take a toll on our lives. Overemphasizing on tastes, we are generally neglecting our health and our cravings seem to go a long way in deciding our overall mental and physical health.

Normal hunger is vouched to be healthy but food cravings are much more erratic and troublesome. Also, the type of foods that we crave to makes all the difference. Who has ever craved for a big bowl of uncooked, fresh vegetable leaves and salads? The confectioneries and sweet industries know this particularly well, realizing the fact that most of their sales have upped due to indefinite food cravings of people for chocolates or other high fat tasty items.

Generally, people crave for high sugar and fat items because one reason may be low serotonin levels and the body wants to complete it by consuming the high glucose items. It somewhat becomes an addiction. Also, the underlying stress is another important cause for the aggravation of this problem. See the complete nutrition diet for children.

However, during pregnancy cravings (best diet plan for pregnancy) are natural due to fluctuating hormonal levels people generally craving these items any time of the day are definitely not doing something right.

Recent studies and researches have shown that the brain is an essential deciding factor in this aspect. The brain-controlling can thus actually help in controlling those unhealthy cravings in the middle of the night or even at work. As pointed out earlier, the variety and fluctuations in the desire for particular types of foods depend on many varying behaviors – psychological, emotional and cognitive outputs. In addition, more importantly, it has been noted that the objective for consuming food has slowly started shifting from the necessity to reward and taste basis. This may be a momentary deal of pleasure yet the long term effects tend to be bad for the overall health.

The question that these facts pose is – how to overcome or minimize food cravings?

Now that you know that these cravings are predominantly brain games, the target should be regulating these hunger pangs the brain challenges forward.

The most important fact is regulating the lifestyle, you must have already noticed how urbanization has affected most of the health decisions we make. Let us discuss some steps to do so.

First of all, sleep deprivation has been a major culprit. Staying up late makes, us crave for more midnight meals and caffeine, which only trigger the bad style of metabolism, getting up early and sleeping more makes us manage our body’s natural clock and keep it in natural sync. Eating foods that are healthier and take up more space in our body tend to be awesome appetizers and keep the stomach full for longer periods of time. More fiber and protein intake can never be dissed off for that matter. Mind control and meditation help us regain our focus on controlling our daily regimen. Discipline keeps the body and mind alert and fitter and does not let us lose focus.

Strike off the fat-inducing and unhealthy items off the list and do not pile them up unnecessarily in your fridge that shall effectively help in reducing the frequency with which you eat. Tradeoffs are necessary; always look out for better and healthier alternatives. The best way is to replace sugar with things which contain less processed and more natural forms of sugar like honey, jaggery and brown sugar.

Above all, treat your body as a natural clock and see how it does wonder!

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Your content is really enaging and informative. It had answers to everything i was looking for.


I am a binge eater and this article helped me to manage my food craving. Now i am able to keep a track of my health in an organised manner.