Coconut Water

Coconut Water: A Miracle Potion

Hey Readers! Well, there is a common problem, which even I suffer from these summers. Feeling so much dehydrated and therefore I thought of writing a blog on a magical drink i.e. Coconut Water to make you healthy and happy. Coconut is indeed a magical fruit and it has various benefits in every form, be unripe or ripe. Coconut water is hydrating, tasty and very effective in weight-loss. Here are some interesting benefits of Coconut water:

Regulating Blood Pressure:

Coconut water is rich in potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and vitamin C. It helps to maintain electrolyte balance in the body.


Since coconut water is rich in minerals special manganese, it boosts our metabolism and assists in proper digestion of carbohydrates and fat.

Kidney Function:

Prevention of kidney stones accumulation is the most wonderful health benefit of Coconut. Being rich in sodium and potassium, coconut water helps in maintaining sodium-potassium pump in the body.

Bloating and Digestion:

Coconut water is rich in fiber as well. Fiber helps in proper digestion of food and keeps the intestines clean. The water of single coconut contains about 9% of fiber that is required by your body in a single day. Potassium content in coconut water helps in reducing bloating caused by high sodium in the diet.

Helps in Muscle cramps:

Since coconut water is a wonderful source of magnesium, it helps in leg cramps especially the one, which hurts at night during a ketogenic/keto diet. Potassium deficiency can cause muscle spasms. Coconut helps in curing that too.

Helps in regulating insulin levels:

According to some studies, water from mature coconuts can have an anti-diabetic effect. People with diabetes are very susceptible to coronary thrombosis, which is very dangerous. Coconut water helps in reducing blood sugar and prevents the occurrence of blood clots.


Coconut water is a rich source of Anti-oxidants, which help in minimizing the effect of free radicals in the body. Free radicals can cause oxidative stress and can damage cells and increase the risk of diseases.

Reduces the risk of Cardio-vascular Disease:

Healthy heart requires a healthy diet. Coconut water helps in reduction of LDL, which is the bad cholesterol. It decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Coconut oil is the rich source of Medium chain triglycerides, which are boon for heart health. Coconut water reduces the risk of heart attacks; lower blood pressure and hypertension. But don’t drink it in excess as it contains sugar too.


Coconut water is excellent for hydration post a long work out session. It can work in place of ORS during Diarrhea or dysentery. It helps in maintaining the fluid balance of the body and restore hydration. Athletes use it as a post workout drink. When you get dehydrated, you lose some essential salts and nutrients too. Coconut water helps in replenishing them.

Reduces Migraines Pain:

It also helps in calming the pain of Migraines and reducing the frequency of attacks, as migraine patients tend to have low magnesium levels and coconut water is a rich source of Magnesium.

An Electrolyte Replacement:

Coconut water is a workable short-term replacement for human blood plasma. 100 ml of it contain 250 mg potassium and 150 mg sodium that replenishes electrolyte deficiency in your body.

A Detoxifier:

Do you know what Detoxification is? It helps in flushing out harmful components from your organs, making you healthy from inside out. If dehydrated, this can build toxins in your body and for that, you need to stay hydrated and the solution is Coconut Water. Learn More about Detoxification.

Benefits after Workout:

Replace your energy drinks with coconut water and stay hydrated. It is rich in sodium, potassium, calcium and many other nutrients so you will get them all.

Balance pH levels:

Many toxins and chemical compounds present in the atmosphere make your body PH highly acidic. Therefore, coconut water has this amazing alkaline effect, which helps to maintain body PH.

Provide Instant Energy:

A glass of fresh coconut water can help you to boost your energy instantly as it has potassium essential for energy in cells.

Cures Hangover:

Late night Parties and heavy drinking can cause hangover but antioxidant in coconut helps in oxidizing that stress.

Hope you loved reading it. Stay tuned for more healthy tips. Contact us for Diet plans and Comment your queries. Remain happy and healthy.

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