Pregnancy at early age.

Teen Pregnancy: A Complete Analysis

Teen pregnancy (adolescent pregnancy) has grabbed the attention of the whole world. Several eyebrows have been raised on this point. Well, teen pregnancy is composed of two words- teenage and pregnancy. These two terms in itself are very debatable and when they come together, it becomes a matter of hot discussion. Most of the people find teen pregnancy quite stressful and concerning while a few of them might find it good. The very thought of teen pregnancy creates a negative impact in the mind of an individual. But why is this so? To understand this, let us look into each aspect of teen pregnancy.

What Is Teen Pregnancy…?

Teen pregnancy means a pregnancy in women aged 20 years or younger. A woman becomes pregnant when she has sexual intercourse with a man. The age of attaining pregnancy starts from the time when she begins to menstruate. Teen pregnancy is very stressing and the health risks attached to it are comparatively higher than the normal pregnancy. This is because of the reason that pregnant women do not get the much-needed prenatal care, as she is reluctant to share it with anyone. Lack of care might develop into bigger complications in later life.

Symptoms of Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy can actually be verified from a pregnancy test. However, some of the visible symptoms include:

  • Missed menstruation
  • Nausea,
  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Mood swings,
  • Excessive urination

Physical & Mental Readiness 

Of course, teen pregnancy brings with it a number of complications. These complications are in the form of mental and physical health, which can later affect the social behavior of the pregnant girl. The biggest problem is that these days many teenagers are involved in sexual relationships which results in pregnancy. Moreover, they are not physically or physiologically prepared for it. The health of the pregnant girl undergoes a significant deviation, which will be discussed in the later heads. The biggest difficulty lies in tackling the mental and emotional health of the girl.

Teen pregnancy is mostly unplanned so it is quite uncertain as to how will the other partner react to this news. Many times, he himself is not able to accept it and blames the girl for it. This brings tension in the relationship. Moreover, the mental and bodily change, which she is going through, puts immense pressure on her. The feeling of nausea, mood swings cannot be resisted and many a time the boyfriend is not able to cope up with it. The emotional roller-coaster that the girl faces is quite unexpected for the boyfriend and friends, and unfortunately, they are not able to deal with it.

Not only the peer groups, in fact, but a lot also depends on how will the parents react to this news. Although few parents quite understand, the majority of them misunderstand their kid. If the parents are not ready to accept this, then it creates a negative impact on the child.

Post Pregnancy Health Risk; To Child & Mother

There are various health risks attached to the child and mother who attain pregnancy in their teenage. Let us discuss them in detail.

Lack of prenatal care

This is the most important health risks associated with pregnant girls. Prenatal care is helpful in diagnosing any health problems, finding its solution and then working for the same. But without the support of parents, one cannot expect it. This is what happens in most of the cases. Many of the parents are not supportive and the pregnant girl ends up surrounded by a number of health complications.


Anemia is marked by a deficiency of blood in the body. Not only blood, but the deficiency of Vitamin B12 or folic acid can also lead to anemia. The women suffering from anemia is likely to give birth to an unhealthy baby.

Gestational hypertension or High Blood Pressure

The girls who get pregnant in their teenage are in a continuous risk of high blood pressure issues plus preeclampsia, a medical condition in which high blood pressure is coupled with the enhanced amount of protein in the urine, swelling of some vital organs etc. If proper medication is not provided, it might significantly affect their health. It is highly recommended that female need to maintain a proper diet (see what should be the proper diet) during and after pregnancy.

Premature baby

Many of the teen pregnancies land up in the birth of babies before time. These premature babies have many health issues along with poor immunity.

The low weight of the baby

The premature babies born will essentially have less weight than what is actually needed. More importantly, since the teen mothers are not provided with proper nutrition in their pregnancies, they are at high risk of giving birth to babies having low weight than what is expected.

Psychological problems

Most of these mothers undergo immense psychological pressure resulting in severe depression and traumas. This anxiety and depression of the mother will affect the child.

Unusual weight gain

After Pregnancy (and menopause) women generally start increasing weight. This question has puzzled many ladies. Teen mothers are borne to have this problem. A balanced diet and regular exercise can help you to lose weight but what is the cause of this undesirable gain and what about diet (see more on this)?

These were some of the most important health risks associated with teen pregnancy. It is to be noted that any health risks to the mother will lead to an equal risk to the child.

Options Available

Well, teen pregnancy does not leave with itself much scope, but few options are still available to the mother.

  • Giving birth to the child and legally giving the baby to someone else through proper adoption.
  • Giving birth to the baby, and raising it with your partner.
  • Giving birth to the baby, and raising the child yourself, i.e., being a single mother.


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This topic is so important to be discussed with the teens, pregnancy is a huge thing and it is definitely a tough process. They should be made aware about how to be careful.


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