Cheese vs mayonnaise – which is better?

How much gm of calories does cheese or mayonnaise contain? 

A sandwich without a mayonnaise spread and cheese topping don’t connect to appetite. Pizza’s with extra cheese topping and fries with mayo dip are delicacies. We bind our mouth to the dairy taste without assuring ourselves with their body benefits. Recent studies have revealed that a 100 g mayonnaise contains 94 gm calories and 10 g fat, which is the commercial low – fat mayonnaise. Whereas the whipped cream cheese counts 30 calories to 2 – 2.5 g fat.

The fat and calories, however, depend upon the type of cheese we prefer. The most palatable mozzarella cheese has 85 gm calories in addition to proteins. If your diet on one slice of mozzarella you are less likely to feel hungry due to its high protein and moderate calorie levels 1% of fat cottage cheese has 20 calories/ ounce. Ricotta counts 3g calories, 2g fats, and 3g protein. This reveals that a sandwich with extra cheese will count you fewer calories to a spread of mayonnaise.

Cheese is the aggregated concentrate of the dry matter of milk ( protein and fats), so it has high binding levels of milk protein called casein. A 100g cheese cube will have 22 – 31 g of protein in them. Being proteinaceous, it is the GI tract ( gastrointestinal ) friendly. These cheese proteins are readily digested to simple amino acids that are essential to the body. The process is called cheese metabolism. The milk sugars that are lactose is fermented during the ripening of cheese by microorganisms. So people facing problems with lactose digestion can consume cheese instead of raw milk.

The cheese ferments to butyric acid, which is an anti-inflammatory fatty acid. It is responsible for energy efficiency and higher metabolism. It even reduces cholesterol and manages obesity. Cheese increases the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol which ensures cardiac protection. High fat cheese cuts upon fats to accumulate in the liver and manages the serum – lipid parameters preventing cardiovascular disorders risk. Roquefort cheese is considered as the most superior variety because of its long ripening time, which ensures it’s high palatability. In a study it was seen that people who consumed this cheese could overcome obesity and thereby increased their longevity . 1 cube of Roquefort cheese after meal maintains low blood pressure, as a result, assists people with cardiac problems.

The cheese fat is a saturated fatty acid, devoid of trans fats. Apart from micronutrients, it harbors omega -3- fatty acids and omega 6- fatty acids, which are highly essential for metabolism. Mineral nutrients like calcium, phosphorous are bound to the milk protein, probably preventing osteoporosis. Magnesium, zinc, and selenium are the micronutrients that ensure dental health. Vitamins like fat-soluble vitamin A and D, water-soluble vitamin B12, B5, B2, and folic acid marks its nutritional value. Due to its various advantages like long storage, the high nutrient portion (protein, milk fat, minerals, vitamins) and water concentration ( soft cheese) cheese prove its origin. Cheese beholds no allergies and even compensates the veterinarian component diet.

The commercially prepared mayonnaise marks slow nutrition values being made up of unhealthy fats. The label that shows a low-fat mayonnaise and high calories may negatively affect the body. Instead of using olive oil the producers prefer soybean oil or corn oil, which are rich in omega 6 fats only.  The ratio of omega 3 fatty acid to omega 6 fatty acid gets disturbed, thereby increasing the risk of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and many more. The fat reduced mayo has added sugars, monosodium glutamine, MSG, additives which causes side effects like headache, nausea, weakness, etc.

If mayonnaise is a for sure go with fries and stuffings then probably you can proceed to a homemade mayonnaise sauce. Add healthier oil ( olive oil), including egg yolk, lemon juice, vinegar, avocado and seasonings of your choice .you can prefer nut oil that lowers Omega 6 monosaturated fat. You can add sun-dried tomatoes for taste.

Food cravings and Italian cuisine poke you to load your appetite to dairy fats.  However, knowing exactly how much you require you can balance the amounts according. Small chunks of cheese and mayo, however, would mind your carvings.


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