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Can Your Diet Help In Uplifting Mood And Better Mental Health?

Can Your Diet Help In Uplifting Mood And Better Mental Health?

Yes, of course. Why not?

Food is the most basic need of the human body, don’t we all agree?

Not only does it relieve hunger but also it is essentially, what our body grows into physically and mentally. Sounds misleading? Well, it is not so. Let us discuss why.

Studies indicate that sweets increase the amount of dopamine in our brain and craving for chocolates naturally increases during our low times of life. It is not totally about subjective preferences, the type of food we eat naturally correlates with our mental health.

Junk food is indirectly related to our mental health because it contributes to many bodily problems like digestive and hormonal imbalances. These imbalances affect the natural function of the brain thus leading to low immunity and troubled self-esteem. For kids, the risk is even greater because children tend to deviate from high-quality foods in their formative years due to taste preferences. These foods tend to affect the brain of the child and hamper socio-physiological functions of the child. Moreover, we cannot neglect the adverse effects of adulterated food items in today’s consumer market. However, it is impossible to totally stay away from all these market items in one go, we can at least try to switch over to as much organic food items as possible. The more processed the item, the more contributing it is to adverse brain functioning, apart from bad physical health.

Hormones and food have a really indispensable connection.

Along with dopamine, one mention, which you must have probably overheard, is serotonin. Serotonin is largely indicative of our food intake. Without the proper meal consisting of all growth nutrients, our body falls deficient of the major nutrients, which are majorly reported under the hormonal deficiency syndromes. Hormones make us feel emotions and if food affects the production of hormones, isn’t it easy to understand that our emotions and behavior are heavily influenced by the things we eat?

Though studies have not researched much into these effects yet, one possible reason for growing depression and suicide rates in the urban world may be somehow correlated to the food intake we are subject to. After all, the brain is not very happy to consume processed foods and chemically affected fruits and vegetables.

Eating organic food items is more fruitful in the sense that the happiness quotient of people who consume these foods tend to stay more content than people who eat junk items and non-organic food items. Junk food even leads to binge eating in extreme bouts of sadness and depression, bilaterally becoming a cause and effect of mental health problems.

Bodies are not machines and thus cannot fulfill their dietary requirements all on their own. We need to understand that our body needs a diverse set of nutritional substances and failing to do so may worsen the balances of the body. It shows signs of distress in the body among which the most chronic ones affect the brain and lead to a decrease in mental well-being.

Humans across the globe who have shared their journeys from depression and into more content and fitter lifestyle highlight the fact that they had to alter their diets to do so. Without proper food consumption, it is highly improbable that you may come across success stories of various fitness regimes and wonderful lifestyles. All the fit and happy people in the world have at least one thing in common and that is the simplicity of foods they consume.

The more complex the food items, the lesser the ability of the body to cope up with foreign food substances affecting the digestive patterns tragically and thus leading to a chain of imperfect body systems. Who is after all, happy to be constantly in discomfort with their body and its appearance? More so, when they themselves tend to be the reason.

The most prevalent idea is that sugar and sweets decrease anxiety and depression. However, empirical studies claim otherwise. More sugar intake, mostly complex forms of sugar lead to decreasing insulin resistance with time, which causes much more problems going as far as threats to cardiovascular health.

A direct effect of stopping sugar intake may prove difficult but after the one-month mark is over people find that their state of mind becomes healthier and happier without any further needs. When you allow your body to function naturally, it sustains happiness for a long time. Medication-induced diets make your body’s natural system lazy and thus unable to cope up with diverse patterns of environment and sustainability in the end. The enzymes and active metabolism improve your health without a doubt.

Whatever the body state, watching what you eat is said to affect the way you think because the food is capable of making the body instantly happy and higher spirits always positively affect your mental status and induce it to work optimistically and in the right directions!

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Hey there! This post couldn’t be written any better!
Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept chatting about this.
I will forward this write-up to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!


Your articles are my mood uplifters, it gives me hope that i can still cure my disease. Love your work.