Household Chemicals

Can Households Chemicals Cause Kidney Problems…?

What are Households Chemicals?

Household chemicals are a kind of non-food chemicals. These are designed for consumers to help them in hygiene related jobs like cleaning, pest control etc.

List of household chemicals that can cause problems and Reasons behind the cause of the issues…

Air fresheners

Air fresheners are composed of a number of chemicals that may cause issues. These include formaldehyde (irritation in lungs, mucus membranes etc.), petroleum distillates (irritation in the eyes, skin, and lungs), P-dichlorobenzene (toxic to the health).

Latex paint

In the process of drying, some of the latex paints might release formaldehyde, which not only causes a headache but may also irritate the skin.


Ammonia is a compound which when consumed in undesirable amounts may cause irritation in various parts of the body. This irritation may be in the respiratory tract, mucus membranes etc.

Oil-based paint

These paints are composed of organic solvents. The organic solvents when inhaled may cause irritation, nausea, dizziness, fatigue


The main ingredient used in the making of antifreeze is ethylene glycol. This Ethylene glycol is toxic to the health of individuals as if it gets into the body, it might cause severe damage to the heart, kidneys, and brain.


Bleach consists of a certain percentage of sodium hypochlorite these bleaches either in the liquid or in the vapor; form may cause irritation in the eyes, skin, nose, throat etc.

Motor oil

The used motor oil contains in itself a number of elements like magnesium, copper, zinc these elements are capable of affecting the nerves and kidney very seriously, in aggravated form, and it may even take the form of cancer.

Window and glass cleaners

These cleaners contain a certain amount of ammonia and isopropanol in them. These ingredients are toxic to the skin, eyes, nose etc. and may cause irritation.


Detergents may be of very types- cationic, anionic or non-ionic. The ingestion of cationic detergents might lead to nausea, vomiting, shock, coma while non- ionic detergents may result in irritation in the eyes and skin.

Furniture polish

These polishes are composed of petroleum distillates, ammonia, nitrobenzene, phenol, and oil of cedar. These chemicals are known to cause irritation in the eyes, skin, lungs, throat etc.


The mothballs are of two categories- p-dichlorobenzene and naphthalene. These chemicals are harmful to the health of an individual as they may cause dizziness, headache, irritation etc.


Rat poisons are made of a chemical called warfarin, which is harmful to the well-being of an individual as it might result in internal bleeding if consumed.

Drain cleaners

Compounds like sodium hydroxide or sulfuric acid are inherently present in drain cleaners commonly used. These compounds may result in severe burns if consumed.

These were some of the household chemicals responsible for causing many ailments in the body. Of the many pains and suffering, they inflict on the body, the most important among them being kidney problems. Let us discuss the issue related to kidney problems in detail.

Problems Faced By Body Due To Kidney Problems

Kidney is one of the most vital organ of the body responsible for performing three major functions:

  • Removal of waste from the body
  • Production of hormones
  • Regulation of level of minerals or electrolytes in the body

When any organ performs such functions, it becomes all the more important. So, any disruption or change in the functioning of such organ leads to a very harmful impact on the body.

The primary function of the kidney is the removal of waste from the body. If any problem or issue develops in the kidney, then this function of the kidney might be hampered and wastes may accumulate in the body. This accumulation of wastes is the root cause of several diseases relating to heart, bone etc. Moreover, the renal function of the body might undergo a halt. This function is related to the filtering of blood. Any kidney disease might damage this renal function by affecting the nephrons. Nephrons’ perform a significant role in the body and when they are damaged, this function is left unattainable.

Another major problem is the imbalance of fluids created in the body. This fluid imbalance might lead to stroke, heart failure etc. In addition, the unnecessary accumulation of urea in the body might affect the mental health leading to brain damage.

Overall, these various damages might be in the form of cardiovascular disease, the effect on immunity system, skeletal system etc.

Preventive & Curative Measures to deal with these chemicals

The various preventive and curative measures are as follows:

  • Efforts can be made to make one’s own cleaning products using substances like vinegar, baking soda etc.,
  • Air fresheners and other things of those kinds must be avoided. More and more natural remedies should be given away,
  • Care should be taken to purchase products, which are fragrance-free.

The synthetic detergents, chemicals etc. should be stored in places to be beyond the reach of children.
Apart from these, care should be taken to minimize the use of these household chemicals as much as possible.

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Leslie Marchio

I will definitely follow your guidelines, it is a very relevant topic as this kind of negligence would lead to many kidney problems. Thanks for sharing this information.

Valarie Elldrege

I found your blog so interesting that I shared it with many other people i know. As i think that maintaining is good diet is every individuals work.


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