Can staying indoor make us Obese?


Obesity is one of the most leading global concerns. In fact, the rate at which people are becoming obese is very high. People of all age group- be it children, teenagers, adults, old aged people all are well caught within its trap. We are in fact indoor generation and this has an impact on our weight. What is to be noted is this that we are indoor generation and that is one reason why we are obese. Let us deal in detail as to how are both interrelated.

Role of exercise on weight-

Exercise and weight loss are the two terms that go hand in hand. In fact, exercise helps you lose weight. The science behind it is very simple. Exercise lowers the blood pressure as well as cholesterol in the body. Not only this, it increases the metabolism which means the number of calories burnt in a day increases and this can actually lower the body weight. After understanding the science behind it, it becomes pertinent to know as to what sort of exercise should be added to the list. It can be aerobic, weight training or yoga.

In fact, the big question mark is regarding what sort of exercise a person under different age groups should do?  Well, there can be no definite answer to this question and the answer can be searched through the help of dietician keeping individual requirements in mind. To be general, it is best to start with exercises which can make the heart and lungs spend energy more than the usual energy spent. It can be jogging, cycling, running, swimming, etc.

Now, the next question is- what is the ideal time of doing these exercises so as to reap maximum benefits? In the beginning, you can start with a few minutes, say approximately 30 minutes. Thereafter, you can increase this time depending on your stamina, work performance, and bodily requirements.

Role of diet on weight-

Eating a balanced and healthy diet is as important as anything. This is because of the simple reason that one of the most significant causes of obesity is an imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure. When the energy intake is higher in comparison to energy expenditure, the excess of energy is stored in the body, which over a period of time turns into excessive fat leading to obesity in extreme cases.

In fact, the present generation is following too patterns- overeating and undernutrition. This means that we eat a lot. A lot means more than what is needed. We are one of those people who spent hours sitting in front of the TV, laptops, mobile phones, etc. And while we sit for so long, we need to eat something constantly. This urge for eating has made us overeat. Secondly, we do not eat healthily. We eat food products devoid of essential nutrients. We are lured by the advertisements on TV, magazines and end up landing anything in our stomach. Junk foods, sweetened drinks, chips, pizza, etc. have become family to us.

The need of the hour is to add balanced diet to our life. Food products should be consumed more from the health point of view not taste. We need to add green vegetables, salad, soups, etc. to our diet. Most importantly, we need to refrain from high carb intake, sweetened drinks as they are too high in calories. Once we are successful in implementing the same, there is no denying from the fact that we are bound to shed some pounds. Also, the kids should have a habit of drinking sufficient water every day.

Role of outdoor activities on weight-

Outdoor activities play a vital role in improving the health of an individual. In fact, they help us in losing extra pounds. The science behind it is well explained as: the more one is indulged in outdoor activities, the more he is active. The more active he is, the more energy he consumes. The more energy he consumes, the more calories he burns. The more calories he burns, the more weight he loses, which in turn improves our metabolism.

Outdoor activities may include a range of activities. In fact, one can turn to outdoor games. They too play a major role in solving our problem.


Hence, we can very well say that we are an indoor generation and that is why we are obese. But, it is never too late. You can also check your obesity levels by BMI calculator. It is not something very rigid. We can change this tagline. This can be done by switching to regular exercising, following a proper diet, change in behavior, indulging in outdoor activities, altering the way of living. Hiring the best dietician in Delhi can be a great idea. It is to be remembered that we cannot get the expected results single-handedly. The desired outcome needs a combination of all these factors. All these rolled into one is bound to give us good fruit. So it is never too late. Why delay? Let us become a bit outdoor person.


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