Can having only salads and soup help you lose weight?

Soups and salads are an integral part of any healthiness freak. Specifically, when it comes to losing weight, salads and soups are important in the regular diet. Well, all these things have reasons. In fact, looking into it, salads and soups help you to lose weight.


As a matter of fact, the consumption of a first-course – salad helps you to lose calories by 12 percent.  The people who consume more soup lose weight faster than people who don’t.


Types of Soups for weight loss:

Soups can be either brothy or creamy. If the sole purpose of consumption is to lose weight, it is preferable to have broth soup rather the creamy one as it will cause less intake of calories. When an adult consumes soups before a meal, it has been found out that the person intakes 20 percent fewer calories. Having low-calorie soup before a meal helps the metabolic system of the body to slow down and hence reduces hunger.

The low-calorie soup consists of vegetables and broth rather than cream, pasta and so on and forth.

The calorie content of broccoli cheddar soup is 220 calories. On the other hand, vegetable soup has 90 calories. You can try to swap away from the calorific values by replacing the main dish with soup. Soup can also act as a good supplement for the main dish.

However, you must keep in mind to exercise in order to maintain the shape that you have built up. Exercise, as a matter of fact, not only helps one to curb appetite but it also increases the metabolism that helps you to shed fat. While deciding the type of soup to have, one must keep in mind that it should have sodium of 31-41 percent, which is the ideal value.


How does Salad Help you in Weight loss?

Salads are effective in helping one lose weight, too. Just like soups, salads can satisfy your appetite and act ask an appetite suppressant while not depriving your nutrient value. The most important and awestruck fact is salads can be made delicious even without much calories. It is important to have the right amount of ingredients for making salads tasty and healthy.


It is a wrong notion that all salads are healthy. As a matter of fact, all the salads aren’t healthy. Honestly looking into it, we will see that salads that contain potatoes and pasta tend to have high calorific value than the ones with vegetables. When salads are occupied with high proteins, like beans, it helps all the more. This is because protein helps you to keep your appetite in check.


The Power Diet


The power diet consists of soup and salad. Some of the best soup and salad dishes that help you to lose weight are as discussed below.


  1. Moong Dal and Carrot Soup: It might sound tasteless but the moong daal and carrot soup help you lose weight, big time. Carrots also act as an antioxidant, making you have better and healthier skin.


  1. Vegetable soup(garlic): The garlic vegetable soup is yet another powerful appetite subsides. The garlic vegetable soup can be made yet thicker and denser by combining garlic with oats or moong.


  1. The Tomato Soup: Fresh and tasty, famous and fabulous, the tomato soup is magic in hand. The tomato soup is very effective for weight loss


  1. The Mushroom Soup: When soup for weight loss comes into account, how can we forget Mushroom Soup? Mushrooms are great ingredients for weight loss. Not just that, but mushroom soups are also very tasty. However, a creamy mushroom soup must be avoided due to high calorific values. It neutralizes the weight-reducing quality of mushrooms.


  1. Grilled Lamb Salad: Though it might seem that the consumption of lamb will be ineffective while it is not true. Grilled Lamb Salad has got 474 calories. Along with spinach that adds vitamin B-12, Grilled Lamb Salad tastes superb.


  1. Bean Salad: The French Bean Salad is absolutely a win-win when it comes to a salad that helps you to lose weight. It consists of the quality of beans, that is, it provides a lot of protein. As a matter of fact, having it as a midday meal helps you to reduce overeating in the evening. Thus it helps you to curb calories.


Hence, at the conclusion, it is right to say that by having salads and soup, not only will you lose weight but you can do that in a graceful manner without hunger pangs or starvation.






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