High Cholesterol Level

Can Eating Fats in Keto Diet increase your Cholesterol Level?

Food is the main fuel that keeps our body running. to live a healthy and immune life exercise, joyfulness and food are very essential. in today’s day, boiling precooked or processed items is unfortunately categorized as food. food is the nourishment that our body should be properly provided with.

What Is Keto Diet?

Keto diet stands short for ketogenic diet is high fat and low carbohydrate diet. a balanced diet is what we have all ideally accepted to be the best diet, however as per our goals and body need not always is a balanced diet the solution.

Keto diet is one that forces our body to burn fat rather than carbohydrates, thus converting it into glucose and releasing it into the blood flow. Fat is a major source of energy and this diet helps to bring the body into the state of ketosis.

Ketosis is a state where the body begins to use the stored fat and burns it to generate energy. it results in weight loss and eventually a healthy state for the body to be in.

For a body to be in ketosis state, that keto diet helps produce ketones. They are produced in the liver from the fat and then act as fuel that is released into the bloodstream. The body uses ketones when there is a short supply of glucose in the body. That happens when carbohydrate consumption is less and thus resulting is low glucose.

In the keto diet, the percentage of fat is around 70-80%, i.e., 144 g-177 g. good sources of fat would be ghee, cheese, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc.  However, just for the sake of increasing fat consumption one should not consume starch and sugar-based items. Good examples would be soda, bread, rice, candy, etc. water should be adequately consumed and other beverages like black coffee or green tea also push towards progress.

A keto diet has led to control and stabilization of cholesterol levels of the body. Cholesterol is a substance containing a lot of fat that is found in the body tissue and blood. it is essential for the body in moderate levels.

A keto diet has resulted in maintaining the cholesterol levels of one’s body. as per the recent statistics, only about 15% or below have experienced a rise in their cholesterol levels. it can be due to the weight loss or change of diet intake. However, within sometimes it comes to control.

As mentioned above, cholesterol is produced by the liver and then transported. HDL cholesterol also known as “the good cholesterol” in addition to transporting cholesterol around the body, HDL collects cholesterol that is not being used by cells and brings them back to the liver to be recycled or destroyed.


A keto diet by reducing carbohydrate intake helps produce more of HDL cholesterol and thus stabilizes the levels.

As the counts of HDL cholesterol rise, the body’s state of health also increases. The bad cholesterol thus is reduced in count and control is gained.

As the count of HDL cholesterol rises, the risk of having any heart diseases reduces. The body loses weight, the stomach is calmer, appetite is controlled and even the mental health develops.

There are such no harmful side effects that occur due to this diet. a few side effects would be constant thirsty feeling, increased urination and a keto breathe.

Good amount of water and sleep are very vital along with exercise. All this would definitely result in the body being stronger and healthier. A diet is very vital but it is not the only factor.

Hence, to sum it all up the increased fat consumption does not push the cholesterol levels higher. it is a myth, as this diet helps to win over bad cholesterol. Keto diet is one of the healthiest diets that one should follow to stay healthy.

Our body is a temple that we gifted with and it should be treated so. To choose and put in efforts for a healthy mind and body should be a priority. The rest is there only if health is there.

So take good care of your temple and spread the word!

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