Can diet really affect dandruff?

How diet becomes the cause of dandruff?

Food influences our body starting from our skin to the activated immunity. The kind of food we include in our diet verily influences our body functioning, starting from the nails to our hair and scalp. The person standing next to you at a supermarket asks for an antidandruff and the salesman searches for something that fights scalp problems itchy skin scales and flakes assuring it as the best shampoo. Dandruff is a fungal infection for a person having allergies or sensitive skin. A fungus called Malassezia, rents on our scalp causing no harm. It feeds on natural oil and produces a greasy substance called oleic oils. Some people are sensitive to this oil and when it accumulates in the pores causes itchy skin, redness, and flakes called dandruff. Anti-dandruff shampoo with parathion and zinc acts on such symptoms.

As the causative agent is a yeast, people believe that consuming yeasty foods can aggravate the fungus and cause harm. However, food is an influencer even sometimes takes dandruff. Sugary foods like processed have a high degree of bad fats, these fats cause insulin spikes in order to balance the fatty concentrations. This triggers or stimulates the hormones that in turn release oil by activating the sebaceous glands moreover the high glycemic content can harbor candida fungus by depleting vitamins like B, C, E . Even beer and bread have an adverse effect on the cause. Alcohols are ruthless. You must cut through them so as to avoid scalp related problems.

A healthy balanced diet with zinc, Omega -3-fatty acid, protein, and veggies with abundant iron content can help prevent dandruff. Protein is the foundation of hair, hair fibers are extensions of the protein keratin. Having foods like egg, fish, chicken, and dairy products with high omega 3 fatty acids can be useful. Iron when lacks to hair cause hair loss and split ends and damage. Foods like red meat, lentils, spinach, and leafy greens have iron reserves that can be effectively used for the gradual treatment. Omega3-fatty acids are the essential oils that moisturize the skin and scalp. Oily fish, avocados, nuts like walnuts are a rich source. zinc protects the hair and scalp by limiting the sebum reserves to ooze out.

Oat is a rich source along with legumes and fortified cereals and whole grains. Having turmeric and garlic can be useful as they are well known for their antifungal and antibacterial functioning. You should add allicin to your diet. Allicin in major product to garlic and other associated allium family stuffs as onion, scallions. They possess antifungal properties. Add wholesome of vitamin B to your diet. The vitamin B6 and B12 increase the metabolism which might get reduced due to insufficient metabolism of carbohydrates and fatty acids. Wheat germ has a host to vitamin B6 and has 75% germ whooping power. Spot out your food allergens. Everybody has different functioning try out stuff to make sure about your allergens and remove them from your diet. Some people have allergies to prawn some to mushroom etc. Avoid allergens.

You can feed on a nutritious diet of asparagus with sesame seeds. The asparagus has high nutritional values and a rich source of vitamin B to vegans. The sesame seeds have profound zinc content. The recipe uses olive oil and sesame oil that makes the steamed asparagus palatable as well as moisturizes the scalp. Ginger and lemon juice add to the antifungal properties. You can dash to carrot muffins that are gluten-free for people sensitive to gluten. Beet carrot soup is a lovely crimson colored soup that adds ginger to fight dandruff. The root veggies together fight to dandruff. Ginger cucumber salad can be a good post-dinner recipe. Crushed foods like ginger and onions should have in plenty.


Well knowing about dandruff and food limits, one should even briefly know about his body, to what he is an allergen to and what he is susceptible to. In this way, a proper diet plan could be made and followed to avoid dandruff and related problems.

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