Bladder and constipation

Bladder Control And Constipation

Bladder Control And Constipation

(How Unhealthy Eating Affecting This Problem…What Problems Occur…How To Cure Through Diet…Any Preventive Measure…?)

One of the most uncomfortable and dreaded conditions which may affect people from any age group or lifestyle is constipation. The difficulty in passing out stools may be acute or chronic depending on the reason for the problem.

The correlation between bladder and bowels is positive, constipation may cause the nerves and muscles controlling the bladder to function incorrectly and thus the muscles do not work the way they should be. There may be leakages in case of severely constipated stools where the fecal matter is hard to pass and lose watery bowels leak, which is mistaken for diarrhea.

A large number of stools put a strain on the bladder and the amount of urine it can hold is minimized. This may lead to frequent urination and problems in urine retention capacity. Moreover, the sphincter muscles are affected too due to the hard stools disturbing the internal organs and linings. If the pelvic muscles are not in proper condition, they cause further discomfort in the problem of constipation.

Nearly most of the problems can be somehow rectified with the help of dietary controls. Most importantly, high fluid intakes and more fiber content can positively affect the bladder control system. However, in some special cases fiber intake may not be useful that should be thoroughly checked with a dietician. However, no diet can totally cure you of this problem a managed diet can sure minimize the problems.

While you should also rely on first hand or practical experience of how your bladder reacts to certain foods, there are some standard proven tips. However, it should be kept in mind that overeating any substance can cause problems too so the limit should be followed.

Bladder control activity can be induced by cutting down caffeine in diets because it boosts metabolism at the initial stages but when consumed in higher quantities and regularly it can only add to the problems of incontinence. Another villain is alcohol. It is a diuretic and induces intensity of the bowel and bladder syndromes. Sugar is another main culprit; it not only affects the bladder but also leads to other chronic or underlying problems, which become more troublesome in addition to the already existing issue.

Highly spicy, sugary or citric foods act as bladder irritants and aggravate the problem further. One should cut down on highly concentrated foods while increasing intake of light dilute fluids because higher concentration can increase the chances of infection in the urinary tract. We all know how every system of the body is interrelated. It, however, may even depend on the body stimuli to every food intake because in many cases the water intake reduction may positively affect the bodily functions. Since the bladder has problems in functioning properly, one should try to keep track of urine movements, color, and smell. All these characteristics of urine are further correlated to your diet and you should keep a check on the details.

Remember, that for constipation the most effective food items are items rich in fiber supplements. Some people are even sensitive to lactose and thus these specific people should try to cut down milk and milk products and check out the effects. Grains, legumes, and vegetables proved to be the most effective while any habit like smoking or drinking alcohol can only worsen the issue. 8-10 glasses of water a day is an age-old adage and it should definitely be followed. The amount of water intake should be neither too high nor too low, depending on how your body reacts to it. The timing also matters thus you should try to avoid dinner or even water fluids just before going to bed. The amount of water should not be too filling either because it irritates the bladder further.

The other fact is that you can even rectify this problem to some degree by exercising and losing weight because it strains your pelvic muscles even lesser. The abdominal and visceral fat has been declared the most harmful and thus the priority should be to reduce that to a strict minimum.

Prevention is better than cure, for people who think that may easily develop metabolic, and urinary bladder problems, they should try as many preventive measures as they can. Children should be taught to not hold their urge to poop or urinate for long periods of time because it adversely affects the bladder thus contributing to more chances of developing this syndrome.

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