Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pills: Good or Bad?

Contraceptives are actually devices and pills, which allow one to enjoy sex without any risk of attaining pregnancy. This is because they are so designed that they do not allow one to become pregnant.

The various and most common contraceptive measures are as follows:

CondomsCondoms are one of the most common contraceptives. They are quite inexpensive and easy to use. They offer one of the best protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Mainly males use condoms but nowadays females have also started using them.

Diaphragm– The diaphragm is another contraceptive used by females to avoid pregnancy. It involves placing the diaphragm inside the vagina to avoid the flow of sperm to the uterus.

Cervical cap (Femcap)- The cervical cap is similar to the diaphragm with the only difference that it has less contact with the vagina. It can remain for a minimum period of 6 hours to a maximum period of 48 hours after sex.

Intrauterine devices– These are another contraceptives, which may be put in the vagina for a period of approximately five to ten years.

Contraceptive Injections- This method is one of the oldest method. It lasts for about 8 to 12 weeks.

Vaginal ring- It is a kind of transparent plastic ring. It works by inserting into the vagina and keeping it there for about three weeks.

Sterilization- Sterilization is one of those permanent contraceptives whose effect is no pregnancy during the lifetime

Birth pills- It is another most common contraceptives used

Let us discuss it in detail.

What is Birth Control Pill?

It is a kind of female hormonal birth control method. As the term itself suggests, it is a small tablet can be swallowed. It works by releasing hormones- estrogen and progestin. Actually, the process of pregnancy involves fertilization of eggs released from the ovary with a man’s sperm. Hormones in the body control the release of these eggs. The synthetic hormones contained in the pills restrict the process of ovulation. Not only this, they alter the cervical mucus and the lining of the womb. This is how birth control pills inhibit pregnancy in women.

Are Birth Control Pills Safe for Women?

For finding the solution to the aforementioned question, let us look into each and every aspect.

Merits of using this pill-

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Menstrual cycle gets regular
  • Menstrual cramps are decreased
  • Fully reversible
  • Clears skin
  • Reduction of cysts in ovaries and breasts
  • Protects 24/7
  • More effective than any other contraceptive
  • Safe for women intolerant to estrogen therapy

Demerits of using this pill-

  • No protection against sexually transmitted diseases
  • Reduction in sex drive
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Feeling of nausea, vomiting
  • Breast tenderness (see more on if breastfeeding is good for child or formula feeding) 
  • Headache
  • Irregular periods
  • Mood swings
  • Change in weight

Disorders due to Long-Term use of Birth Control Pills

The long-term use of birth control pills is not good for a women’s health and results in various disorders. Some of these are-

  • Blood clots– The prolonged use of these pills might result in blood clots in legs, lungs etc. Sudden pain or swelling is a sign of these blood clots.
  • Aches- These aches may exist in various forms like abdominal pain, chest pain, headache, eye pain, leg ache etc.
  • Heart diseases– The frequent use of birth pills open doors for severe heart disease like heart attack, stroke etc.
  • Liver problems- The artificial release of hormones over a long period might lead to various liver problems.
  • Diabetes- Diabetes is another serious disorder, which might occur.
  • High cholesterol- The level of cholesterol rises due to the overuse of these pills.
  • Organ transplant complications- The use of pills for a long period can develop serious complications when the lady is undergoing an organ transplant.

These are the main disorders related to the long-term use of birth control pills. However, similar symptoms can be seen in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Other Healthier Alternatives…

Well, any alternative if resorted to for short period is healthy. It is the case with birth control pills. Despite this, other methods of contraceptives can be taken recourse to. These include the contraceptive methods discussed earlier. They are condoms, spermicide, diaphragm, cervical cap, intrauterine devices, and sponge; Pull out method, vaginal rings, sterilization etc. However, if the pregnancy is to be avoided for the rest of the life, the permanent method should be adopted i.e. sterilization. Needless to say that a proper diet (see How?) Should be maintained during the pregnancy period. Explore more on the analysis of Teen Pregnancy

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This is a very important article for all the adults. And i feel that it should be spread among the youth as well. Great job covering this area.


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