Recovery after abortion

Best Diet to Recover After The Abortion

Abortion is the process of medical termination of pregnancy. It means killing the child in the mother’s womb. Abortion or miscarriage can be due to various reasons- unplanned pregnancy, low age of mother, the poor financial condition of the family etc. Many countries in the world have legalized abortion and many have not. In fact, there are laws on abortion- as to when can abortion be granted and when not. However, let us not go into details of all these issues. Instead, focus on our main issue.

The situation of abortion coupled with a surgical procedure increases the demand for Iron (see the best iron food), vitamins, minerals etc. The body of the mother takes much time to recover as the fetus absorbed most of the nutrient. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to follow a well-balanced diet plan. Let us first discuss the foods to be eaten after pregnancy (explore more on what should be the effective diet during pregnancy?).

Foods to Eat;

1) Fish- Fish is highly rich in protein and protein is essential in order to make new blood cells. Eating fish has also been associated with alleviating the mother from depression post-abortion.

2) Eggs– Eggs contain a good amount of protein in them. Therefore, it will facilitate the production of new blood cells. Hence, the woman starts feeling energetic after its consumption.

3) Milk with turmeric-  Mixing turmeric in milk along with almonds, walnuts etc. and consuming it for 2-3 times during a day provides the much needed.

4) Saffron milk- Not only turmeric milk, but saffron milk also holds the same importance. It is a rich source of calcium and thus helps in bone formation.

5) Dairy products- Dairy products are known to provide all the essential nutrients, which the mother needs, post-abortion. The most important among them being calcium and vitamins. Since they are low-calorie foods, they can be consumed in large quantity.

6) Nuts- Being rich in magnesium, nuts become all the more important to fight depression and anxiety symptoms post-abortion.

7) Grain- Grains contain iron, vitamins, minerals, proteins, dietary fibers besides other things. They are even low in calories.

8) Soya- Soya is another significant food in order to tackle the heavy blood loss during an abortion. It contains a high amount of calcium in it (want to see the top calcium rich foods?).

9) Flax seeds-  Flax seeds are very good for rebuilding a healthy uterus post-abortion. Not only has this, flax seeds even strengthened the immunity system largely.

10) Ghee-  Ghee rich in omega-3 fatty acids should be added to the diet. It will help in building the lost tissues and blood cells as fast as possible.

11) Fruits- Adding fruits to the menu chart is bound to supplement the body with vitamin and mineral requirement. In fact, the presence of dietary fiber in foods actually improves digestion and enhances the rate of nutrition absorption.

12) Papaya- Fruits especially papaya, is very good for a stronger immunity as it is rich in Vitamin C content.

13) Strawberry- It is the case with strawberry, as it is rich in iron and Vitamin C

12) Dates- It is one of those food products, which contain a high content of iron in it. The presence of a large percentage of iron helps in building red blood cells, which were lost during abortion phase.

13) Beans- The high percentage of iron and magnesium in beans renders it all the more important in post abortion phase.

14) Ginger- Ginger is known for its healing properties. The consumption of ginger post-abortion helps in strengthening the immunity of the woman.

Foods to Avoid;

1) Fast foods/ Junk foods-  Fast foods or junk foods contain a high amount of Tran’s fat in them. These trans-fat are responsible for causing inflammation, obesity and heart diseases in the body. Not simply this, they may be a cause of anxiety and stress in such women. Also see on why women gain weight after pregnancy?

2) Soy products- Although soy is rich in protein, it acts as a barrier in the absorption of iron. Iron being very important for the well-being of such women, it is better to limit the use of soy products. Instead, other supplements of iron can be used.

3) Sweets- Sweets are known to increase the blood sugar level in the body. This increase in blood sugar level acts as a barrier to the healing process. Therefore, it is better to avoid such products.

4) High-carb diets- High carb diets should be avoided, as they are high in carbohydrate content and low in fiber content.

Scheduling of Diet-

After one has been acquainted with the do’s and don’ts, it is important to schedule things. Well, there cannot be any fixed routine for these things. However, it varies from person to person. The routine has to be flexible according to every women needs and demand. It always has to be kept in mind that while one woman may be allergic to one thing, the other may be allergic to another thing. Therefore, it is better if a cautious approach is adopted keeping in mind every individual’s demand. Nevertheless, if you need a specialist for consistent monitoring on your diet, you can be in touch with an online dietician & nutritionist for customizing your abortion diet or weight loss/weight gain plan. Also, look on how quick you can start weight loss diet after delivery?

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