Atkins diet : real truth behind the claims

what is the Atkins diet?                                                     

Atkins diet is a low carb diet named after the doctor, Dr. Atkin who advised his patients to cut down on sugar and carbs that helped to reduce the risk of heart diseases and weight management problems. Our body utilities two sources to generate energy. Carbohydrates and fats. It depends on us, to choose to a healthy calorie source.

Initially, the Atkins diet was disapproved due to the high concentration of saturated fats, but later studies reveal that they did not produce harm. And since then the diet has been well popular and studied for weight loss and managing blood cholesterol. The principle behind the diet plan is to starve the body to carbs and feed high on protein. This makes you consume fewer calories without worrying about the counts.

Atkin diet has 4 phases, induction, which emphasizes to diet on high fat and protein and low carb for 2 weeks. The second phase is balancing, add a more of carbs like nuts and vegetables to your diet .the the third phase is fine-tuning, this is the process to slow down weight loss, so when you are close to your goal add more of carbs. The final phase is a maintenance , here you have to take care not to add weight and then you can add carbs as you wish.

During the first two phases, you can add low carb vegetables like kale, spinach, asparagus, broccoli and yogurt to your vegetarian diet. If you are a nonvegetarian you can add beef pork, lamb, chicken bacon to your diet along with salmon and trout. Nuts and seeds like walnuts sunflower seeds can be added during the second phase wisely. When you use the oil mark to use the extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. During the final phases, you can add butter, cream, cheese, full-fat yogurt to your diet. Do not forget your Omega 3s, which you can get from pastured eggs.

If you are worried about drinks, then ensure your drinks do not have high carb as beer.  You can have fry wines with no added sugar or green tea and coffee. Coffee has a high degree of antioxidants and green tea will help reduce your belly fat. So the overall diet plan is white flexible. You just have to manage the induction phase, which is the first two weeks, after induction you can regain on potatoes, grains, oats, legumes, fruits, and vegetables.

Avoid high carb fruits and vegetables during the induction phase, like carrots, potatoes, Sweet potatoes, lentils, beans, etc. You can add certain good recipes, during your 2-week induction Phase you can have breakfast to eggs and vegetables tossed in olive or coconut oil. Dine to lunch with chicken salad and olive oil you may add nuts to taste. Dinner should be high on proteins so go for steak and vegetables.

You can have a change over to bacon as breakfast instead of eggs lunch, depends on your calorie intake, a dinner to a bunless cheeseburger with butter can be a good food goal. If you have a craving to after food snack you can have a hard-boiled egg or a price of cheese or meat, some Greek yogurt or nuts. Ensure to add some good fatty fish and olive oil to your diet. There are loads of books to follow if you set a food goal.

If your margin on an Atkin diet, it will not only ensure your weight loss but also manage your cholesterol levels and maintain the LDL and HDL ratio. Diabetes and insulin resistance is prevented. You get multi-benefits by following a single course of the diet. A 2 week of labor and you have the results. If you have a strong willingness to maintain your health and well-being no food place would be difficult.


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