Why should you avoid pickles for Weight Loss?

Are pickles good for our body? How to best manage them in our diet?

Pickles are a delicacy in our mouth. Pickles not only stimulate our taste buds but also brightens up our mood. Pickles are the tastiest ingredient when accompanied by Samosas and warm tea. Pickles brings forth a taste in the mouth that is unbeatable and oh so great! We are all in all a great fan of pickles.


However, do we ever think if pickles are good for our body?

The pickles are really confusing ingredients, to be honest. They have a multitude of benefits and all over again, another multitude of disadvantages. Their plethora of varied qualities and features unleashes forth a numerous amount of possibilities.


Some of the disadvantages of pickles are as follows:

It can increase the risk of heart and kidney problems

 Pickles can increase the risk of heart and kidney problems. By the addition of brine solution, pickles are usually preserved. Now the chemical constitution of brine contains Sodium. Now, as a matter of fact, Sodium controls blood pressure and blood volume. By excessive consumption of Sodium, blood pressure can shoot up to a great extent.

People suffering from hypertension or cardiovascular disorder must avoid pickles as excessive consumption of Sodium also poses a high risk against hypertension or cardiovascular diseases.

Having pickles may cause irregular sugar levels.

Increase in Diabetes, Hypertension, and High Cholesterol

While sour pickles increase the risk of heart and kidney problems, sweet pickles have some other disadvantages. It increases the risk of diabetes, hypertension and also high cholesterol.

As a matter of fact, calorie intake from added sugar should be limited to 150 calories. as far as male is concerned and 100 calories as far as female are concerned.

However, having sweet pickles at least 4-5 times hit this boundary already. For patients suffering from diabetes 2, blood glucose and insulin-related health problems, pickles should be consumed in the least or in a controlled amount.




The salt used as a preservative in pickle may cause high Blood pressure. 


 Rises the risk of heart diseases

Sweet pickles cause an increase in the risk of heart diseases.  Though it is hard to relate how sugar can affect the heart, it has been researched that sugar increases the level of triglyceride, bad cholesterol, and blood pressure, too. In addition, it also lowers good HDL Cholesterol, too. Consuming high sugar can also result in acute damage to blood vessels and nerves.


Altogether these factors negatively affect the heart and can cause an increase in cardiovascular and heart diseases.

Obesity is a disease itself.


Sweet pickles consist of a lot of sugar and sugar-inducing elements. Now, sweet pickles increase obesity in a person. This, in turn, increases the risk of obesity-related diseases, which includes cholesterol, heart diseases and so on.

Raises the risk of cancer

Consumption of pickles at least 4 times a day can cause an increase in the risk of gastric cancer. In addition, the consumption of pickles can also cause esophagus cancer.

The reason is, though salt itself is not a carcinogenic agent, however, increased consumption of salt can affect the inner lining of the stomach which is made up of the mucous membrane.

Pickle in India

Though pickles have many disadvantages, it also has some advantages.

  1. The fresh vegetables in pickles are good for our health. As a matter of fact, these vegetables are pretty much nutritious for the body.
  2. The probiotics present in the traditional pickles in Japan helped to fight spleen cancer.
  3. The antioxidant present in pickles due to the presence of fresh vegetables and fruits help in the fighting against radicles. These free radicles generated in the body can cause heart diseases, cell damage, and even cancer.

The preserved vegetables present in the pickles help in bringing out the antioxidant properties of them which get destroyed by cooking.


Pickles aren’t altogether beneficial neither are they altogether harmful. Hence, a controlled consumption will help in keeping the right balance of the body.


  1. Pickles should be consumed in limited quantities.
  2. Fermented pickles are preferred to be consumed.
  3. Fermented pickles will improve the digestive system and also increases the immunity.
  4. Reading the labels and the amount of sodium and other salts in the ingredients and consuming them in limited quantities.


Hence, these are the various ways in which you can consume pickles without harming your body and effectively manage pickles in the diet.


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