Keto and dukan diet

Are Keto and Dukan a Fad Diets ?

Today people in urban set up are following a myriad number of diets, some emphasize on lowering sugar and cholesterol, some on gaining weight, some on losing weight, and some attaining healthy and long life. Every diet has a fixed plan of type and amount of food intake. We can name these diets Atkin diet, Zone diet, vegetarian diet, ketogenic diet, vegan diet, Raw food diet, Western diet, Mediterranean diet, South Beach diet and Weight Watcher diets among top ten trending diets. Among these, we will focus on the details of Keto and Dukan diet and will try to find that they are a fad diet or not.

Keto Diet

Keto diet is a very famous diet nowadays, its low in carbohydrate and high in fat content.  It takes place by the process of Ketosis, which is a biological state for the body when it is almost completely substituted by fat for energy requirements of the body. Ketones are the small alternative fuel molecules for the body, produced from the fat we eat and are used when the body lacks blood sugar (glucose) supply. It was in 1920’s fit was prescribed for an epileptic patient who was not responding to medication. The ketogenic diet is high in fats with minimum carbohydrates and proteins. The ketogenic diet is the lowest of the low carb diets and is limited to 50 grams (or less) of carbohydrates a day with 70% protein. Fat is converted in the liver to ketones, which enter the bloodstream for supply; it gives direct access to the fat stores to get burned (read more on weight loss by keto diet). It is very effective for quick weight loss and increases physical and mental endurance. Many dieticians recommend this diet but many experts after a long study, find it unsafe in long run in-fact, and suggest that a ketogenic diet is only safe for precisely for obese people. It enters the body in starvation mode and causes muscle loss, high cholesterol, mineral deficiencies, and can do more harm than good. It can damage the heart and kidneys, which is also a muscle. It should be followed in clinical supervision in extreme cases and in a short span. Initially, it reduces weight rapidly but people gain it back in the long term that is why new studies say keto diet a fad diet and are not sustainable. see more if keto diet can increase your cholesterol level.

Dukan Diet

Dr. Pierre Dukan, a French general practitioner prescribed a protein-based commercial diet who also specializes in weight management. Dr. Dukan created the diet in the 1970s, especially for an obese patient who was desperate to lose weight and was determined to give up eating any food in order to lose weight, excluding meat. Kept on his name Duken he has been recommending and promoting his diet from the last 30 years. A specialist in weight management and a French general practitioner by profession Dr. Dukan Diet: has four phases two regarding weight loss and two regarding maintenance.

Attack phase, Cruise phase, Consolidation phase, Stabilization phase.

In Phase1, the Dukan Diet follows protein-rich foods and vegetables with proteins in Phase 2. It adds small portions of carbs and fats in Phase 3, with looser guidelines in the final phase. It helps to lose weight in the first 2 phases, The Dukan Diet is probably safe for most people, but people with certain medical conditions may have problems. Most Indian and European celebrities follow this diet for instant weight loss but both the diets fail in the long run In a recent  news-paper TOI) dated 18th Aug article by lead author Sara Seidelmann a researcher at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston said that “animal-based low carbohydrate diets might be associated with shorter overall lifespan and should be discouraged” Replacing meat with plant fats  (such as avocados and nuts) and proteins (such as soy products and lentils) reduces the risk of mortality, Seidelmenn and her team found. The optimal balance of food groups for longevity remains hotly debated. However, I am a big believer that everything can be enjoyed in moderation and the best diet is the Balanced diet, which fulfills all our body requirements. Yes, physical exercises like yoga walking, gaming, playing are equally important and helpful to burn our extra calories and is effective in the end without any harm or side effects.

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