Are egg whites better than your yolks?

Are egg whites really enough??



An egg is not as simple as it seems, it is composed of a rather complicated structure. It has various layers and components in it. Namely, the structures are composed of shell, inner and outer membranes, albumen, vitelline membrane, and the most important structure yolk. For a layman, the egg can be considered divided into two parts – egg white and yolk. These two parts are of most concern for diet conscious people and mostly in these times because people are definitely concerned about every diet choice they make.

Let us discuss the two components in more detail. The inner yellow part composes of the yolk and the outer white part (assuming a typical boiled egg) is called the egg white.

Egg White is the clear liquid membrane which when boiled turns into a white covering called the egg white. It forms around fertilized as well as unfertilized egg yolks. The egg white also called the albumen is composed of about 90% water. The remaining part is mostly composed of protein, glucose and trace minerals. It contains all the essential amino acids our body needs. Nearly 100 grams of the egg white contains around 50 calories approximately.

Yolk also called deutoplasm, the nutrient-bearing portion of the egg and generally with the highest cholesterol content contains 52% water, 27% fat and 16% proteins. It has around 322 calories per 100 grams. It contains all of the fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K. The high amount of saturated and unsaturated fats make it a tough choice for people while planning to regulate their consumption of food.

Let us take a short list of the positives and negatives of both these components – egg yolk and egg white.


  1. Egg whites are cholesterol-free and sugar-free and are amazing sources of protein and essential vitamins and minerals.
  2. Egg white contains more than half of the eggs’ total proteins.
  3. Egg White are good sources of Riboflavin and Selenium while being a low-calorie
  4. Egg Yolk is packed with a whole lot of proteins, vitamins, and minerals along with antioxidants and beneficial amino acids.
  5. Egg Yolk provides overall benefits and thus boosts the immune system and body functions effectively.
  6. Egg Yolk also positively affects the blood health and with that all the other functions of the body like eyes, skin, hair, and teeth.


  1. Egg Whites may be a severe allergy stimulator for many people since it contains albumin proteins and thus has to be avoided in case of allergic bodily systems.
  2. Raw Egg White involves a rather common bacteria called Salmonella which can infect the human body on consumption.
  3. Egg Whites have an excess of protein and sodium while we know excess of everything is not good, also the fact that this portion of the egg increases the deficiency of biotin or Vitamin H or Vitamin B7.
  4. Egg Yolk contains a very high amount of cholesterol which may be bad for already diabetic and heart patients.
  5. Egg Yolks also contain a high amount of fats both saturated and unsaturated fats which may worsen conditions for many people.



The constant misconception that eggs are bad for health especially because of egg yolk, is a myth that can finally be busted as many researched claim it isn’t as bad as it seems. Due to this high cholesterol content, they have been really given a bad name. The common belief is that egg yolks produce a great amount of heat in the body and will lead to adverse effects on the bodily systems, most importantly heart health.

The truth is that eggs are a fantastic source of lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids which are good for heart health. The real threat to the body comes because of trans fats and added sugars along with preservatives and not the dietary cholesterol which is found in eggs.

Whole eggs are a wonderful source of proteins and the right type of cholesterol in a very general sense. They are not as demonic as they have been portrayed for a long time. It is perfect for growth and wholesome nutrition of our human body.`

The basic fact is that eggs should be consumed in the right way so that they do not have any adverse effects, yes the way you consume eggs matters.

The best option is to eat eggs medium or soft boiled other than going for half fries and omelet so that you are devoid of the worst case scenarios of a raw and an overcooked egg. Too much cooking oxidizes the egg yolk and less cooking makes you prone to infections. Eggs are healthier with the yolk than without it. Removing the yolk only makes them less healthy. You should actually focus on eating an egg the right way unless you are allergic or a very severe heart patient.




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