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Anemia is on rise in Young Girls

Hey Readers! How are you doing? Feeling Healthy and Happy? Today our topic is Anemia. Anemia is raising in young girls a lot and we need to know why? Therefore, in today’s discussion, we will talk about what is Anemia. Symptoms of Anemia, How it is diagnosed? How Anemia is treated? Dietician’s advice on it.

What is Anemia?

Anemia is when the level of Red Blood cells in the body becomes too low. This can lead to serious health issues. This happens because RBCs contain hemoglobin, which provides oxygen to body tissues. It can lead to serious complications including tiredness and stress in body parts.

Reasons why RBC is being reduced?

  • Body is destroying red blood cells.
  • Red blood cells are getting lost.
  • Production of Red Blood Cells is slow.

Symptoms of Anemia

  • Irritation
  • Getting tired
  • Dizziness

Earlier you will notice paleness. The paleness will be mild. The pink color of lips is decreased. When this happens with young girls, it causes developmental delay and behavioral changes like a problem in paying attention and interacting with people. Development problem may last beyond school age if iron deficiency is not treated properly.

Types of Anemia

  • Sickle cell disease-It affects hemoglobin. RBCs having normal hemoglobin can flow easily through bloodstream because of their flexibility and round shape. This disease makes the cell more sticky, stiff and fragile. They form a curve and sickle shape. Sickle cells clog in blood vessels. When blood cannot get in the required places, body tissues and parts do not have oxygen to stay healthy.
  • Thalassemia– It affects the way in which the body makes hemoglobin. The body contains more RBCs than other cells. The body produces more RBC to replace dead RBC. With this disease, cells are destroyed faster leading to anemia.
  • G6PD deficiency– It is one of many enzymes that help the body to process carbohydrates and turn them into energy. It also protects RBCs from harmful by-products that can gather when a person takes certain medicines or have any infection. Either RBC doesn’t make enough G6PD or that produced does not work efficiently.

How Anemia is diagnosed?

It is diagnosed by Count blood cells (CBC). If it shows lower RBCs than normal than contact your doctor. Other diagnoses tests include:-

  • Blood smeared examination- In it blood is smeared on a glass slide and examined microscopically for RBCs
  • Iron test- This includes total serum iron test, which helps to determine if anemia is due to iron deficiency.
  • Hemoglobin electrophoresis- This help in determining the abnormal type of hemoglobin and determining sickle cell disease (a type of Anemia)
  • Biopsy-This help to determine whether cell production is normal in bone marrow.
  • Reticulocyte account- Measure of young RBCs to check that it’s production is normal

How Anemia is treated?

  • For iron deficiency in anemia, our doctors prescribe medicine for 3 months along with iron-rich food and less milk intake.
  • If your daughter is heaving heavy or irregular periods, our doctors recommend hormonal treatment for it.
  • Folic acid and Vitamin B-12 rich food is also recommended for anemic patients

How can you help your daughter?

Make sure that your girl is aware of Anemia. Make her read this blog. If iron deficiency is the cause, give her an iron-rich diet. Your child will get tired more easily. Make sure that her teachers are aware of it. If anemia is severe, she may not be able to play contact sports. Sickle cell disease needs a specific type of care and treatment.

Dietician’s advice

  • Reducing Cow’s Milk-Babies get enough iron from mother’s milk or regular cow’s milk. But in some kids it can be a reason to lose iron and drinking a lot of cow milk can make children less interested in other iron-rich food. For these reasons, regular cow milk is not recommended until your child is 1 year old.
  • Iron-rich cereal– This makes sure your baby gets enough iron.
  • Balanced-diet-Make sure your kid regularly eat food containing iron. Food like iron grains, cereals, red meat, egg yolks, green leafy vegetables, tomato e.t.c.

If your child is vegetarian than make an extra effort as meat and poultry have iron easily absorbed by the body. Drinking coffee or ice tea with a meal can help. Vitamin C rich food can also help. Hope so you liked reading the blog. Stay tuned for more healthy tips. Comment for queries. Till then be happy and healthy.

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You have talked about a really important topic there, I think information should be spread among more people about this. Great content.


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