Unhealthy habits to avoid for weight-loss

Almost all the people in this world are concerned about their health. For this, they try many things and make a lot of effort in this direction. If we talk about women, then they are even more concerned than men in this regard. They try so many things for weight loss; beauty etc. and even then most of them end up committing mistakes.

The most common mistake is the wrong scheduling of their meals. It is indeed one of the biggest mistakes. Let us discuss some of the common mistakes in this regard and find their solution.

  • Eating too much on weekends

    Most of the women end up committing this mistake. They often follow a strict diet plan the whole week and on weekends, they go out and party with the whole family. They think it to be a fun day. But, this needs to be understood that following a very strict diet plan the whole week and then vomiting it all one day will not make any sense. Instead, they can avoid the intake of heavy foods and spend their weekend by indulging into yoga classes, recreational activities, etc. It’s important to stop eating deep-fried items such as samosa, kachori, pakode, etc.

  • Eating the same food again and again-

It is a myth that eating the same healthy food over and over will make you healthy and fit. But, the fact remains that eating the same food again and again even though, it is healthy leads to boredom. It is better to change your food habits in a while. The solution to this problem is not at all difficult as there are a plethora of healthy food options available in the market.

  • Drinking only a glass of juice in the breakfast-

    This is a very common mistake made by most of the women. In order to realize their fitness goals, they opt for just a fresh glass of juice for breakfast. They consider it to be very healthy. But, the fact remains this that such glass of juice raises the blood sugar level in the body. This rise of blood sugar level naturally results in more production of insulin in the body. The overall consequence of this is that you will end up being hungry in a while and then you will overeat in lunch. Well, this solution can be tackled by adopting alternatives in this regard. In fact, even taking a light breakfast will help a lot.

  • Eating food which appears to be healthy-

    Many of you are lured by the advertisements shown on television. These advertisements are a kind of hoax. On the name of healthy food, many women go to the stores and bring packaged foods which are advertised to be healthy. So, a remedy to all these is to switch to unpacked healthy foods like fresh fruits and veggies.

  • Eating too much at night-

Most of the women are so busy with their professional life and workout schedules that they do not get enough time to eat during the day and by the time it’s evening, the women become those beggars who are not choosers. The carbohydrate starved brain loses the ability to think wisely and start craving for all sort of junk food such as pasta, pizza, noodles, waffles, donuts, etc. They end up eating more food and junk food at night which should be avoided by planning your meals well in advance.

  • Not being active enough-

Most of us have a sedentary lifestyle. Most of the people have desk jobs and they can’t even complete 10k steps daily. It is important to be active to keep the metabolism high and muscle building. Dietitian nowadays advises to walk or do some activity such as running, dancing or Zumba for at least 120 minutes a week.

At last, it is important to understand that the only thing which is going to be with you is your body and you need to nourish it to enjoy life. Hence, total health care is primary to achieve complete nourishment.