Benefits of keto breakfast recipes

What is a keto diet?                              

Keto diet and keto breakfast have tattooed Indian taste and health. Being healthy and palatable, keto stuff have vocabularies tounges. Basically, a keto diet emphasizes on the concept of drawing out energy from oxidation or burning of fats rather than carbs. The calorie requirements are obtained from good fats. The diet with 75 % fats, 20%protein and5% carbohydrates is called a keto diet. The food undergoes oxidation by process of ketosis, which is fat consumed or stored I’d converted to ketones which generate energy in the absence of glucose. Such food habit ensures we do not depend on starchy sweetened food habits keeping in check our weight and related health problems.

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Nut Butter

Benefits of Keto Breakfast

A heavy keto breakfast can, however, be considered beneficial as it eliminates hunger for a longer duration avoiding cravings. The breakfast should be high on fat and proteins and low in carbs. Being a vegetarian I personally feel the Indian keto vegetarian diet is probably a mind-boggling platter. Being a vegetarian you can grab dairy queen paneer, sour cream, yogurt, cheese, and creams. You can fill your plate to vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, berries, spinach can make you go green. Remember not to include fruits, having a high glycemic index can alter your diet.

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Some keto Items

Have a heavy breakfast and a decent lunch. You can load your plates with anything full of fat. You can go for cabbage mash. Pan your sliced cabbage with olive oil and simmer with water and salt. A tint of black pepper will go digestive for a keto vegetarian breakfast. If you probably feel hungry after this you can add nuts and seeds as in walnuts, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, flaxseeds, and almonds. Your calories won’t mind unsweetened peanut butter too. If you appetize north and south Indian cuisine you got a cartload of dishes. Keto upma and poha along with keto dosa are definitely smelters for the lounges. Umpa or poha drip with fat ranging from 12-20 g, carbs 4-9 g along with 5g fibers. The idli is home town to south India; however, the masala idli is a transformation. Having a fat of 37.4 g, protein of 8g and carb of 8.7 g it fits the substrate of keto breakfast.  Apart from binding mouths, it is light and easy to digest too.

Keto Food Pyramid



Keto Khichdi

As keto diets say no to carbs, rice is, however, a no. But traditional Indian cuisine, khichdi can be an exception. Remember you use priceless and other ingredients more. A single pressure whistles with rice, moong dal, cauliflower, and other vegetables of your choice and feed you a wholesome meal. If you prefer more varieties in rice .you can go for keto lemon rice too. The content of rice is probably no, the major ingredient bring cauliflower. You can harbor 16.3 g fats to 7.4g carbs in a pot. Apart from these, a quick office-friendly keto breakfast could be a keto cheese sandwich. Loaded with paneer and cheese it is highly nutritious. You can get 69.9% fats at a single go. The carbohydrates, however, serve just 18.14 g. being even rich in 25.85 g of protein and 12 g fibers they could probably suppress your hunger till lunch. In this way, you can even prevent extra eating and give sufficient time for digestion. If you are a foodie, you can sustain on Punjabi cuisine. A low carb naan and shahi paneer can enrich your breakfast. Paneer stands good stead for muscle protein. A starter of paneer pakora can add up to the cuisine.

The Diuretic nature of keto diet

Keto diet is diuretic, you have to hydrate your body by drinking gallons of water. The water supplements the loss electrolytes suppresses hunger and optimizes body functions. You can add tea and coffee but without sugar. Add some stevia if you choose. Carbonated drinks and alcohol are a strict no. Bade goodbye to all starchy and sugary food like rice, wheat, corn, barley, quinoa, cereals.  Beans like rajma, kidney beans are to be avoided. Carrots, peas, and cherry tomatoes de – balance your diet. Milk, yam, jaggery, bread, and chocolates have high glycemic content and can alter your diet plans. It’s been bad news to potato lovers.


Bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof coffee

You can start your morning with a bulletproof coffee. Bake your plates to tofu seasoned to onion and olive oil. If you feel hungry, a cup of soy milk and 6 almonds can go. Plate yourself to khichdi or lemon rice with a spinach mushroom soup tossed with butter and ghee. You can add cubes of paneer as your taste. End dining with soya chunks cooked with onion, curry leaves, coconut oil, and green salad.

Approaching a keto diet doesn’t imply you make yourself scarcities to the carb. The body needs calorie counts of 1500 / day. 1275 calories i.e.75% of the total calories should come from good fats. And rest 225 calories should be decided to proteins and carbs. You cannot completely chock out of carbohydrates.

Keto Fruits

Avocados and star fruits have low glycemic content. You can probably add them to balance your calories. Calories are important. At the same time, you must be concerned about how many times you eat. A vegetarian keto diet has high fat that makes you feel full and you eat less ending up in a small meal.  This can make you feel hungry a number of times. Keeping in mind the number of calories your body required from various sources in a day, you can decide your eating time and habits according.


Keto diet is not a child’s play. It is advised to be followed under a Dietitian’s supervision. Little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Since the keto diet is 80% fat it is important to have the correct sources of fat and tracking the protein number as well. Book your keto coach today on our website.

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