Some Amazing Weight Loss Foods

Some Amazing Weight Loss Foods

We all want to lose weight and be fit. Aren’t we? Here are a few food items that can help lose weight in a most healthy way.
 Whole Eggs: Earlier known for being high in Cholesterol, whole eggs now are proved to have no adverse effect on blood cholesterol and heart attacks. Check the type of vitamins for weight loss.
New studies have shown that they are rich in good quality protein, good fat and help you lose weight by being very light on calories. They have high satiety quotient.

 Leafy Greens: They are best in increasing the volume of the meal and low in calories. Being rich in Fiber and low on carbohydrates, they are the best choice during weight loss. Some great leafy greens can be spinach, Kale, mustard leaves, methi leaves etc.

Salmon: It is incredibly healthy. It is rich in omega 3 fatty acid and proteins. It is low on calories and satiety quotient is very high, keeps you full for hours. Being rich in iodine helps thyroid functions smooth and boost metabolism.

 Cruciferous Vegetables: They are rich in fiber and keep you full for longer. They are low in calories. Vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts have a decent amount of proteins.
Having high fiber, low calories and a decent amount of protein make them ideal for weight loss. See the best indian food for weight loss.

Lean meat: Studies have shown that long curse red meat, which used to be demonized earlier because of Its association with heart diseases (which could never be proved), is actually good for weight loss if unprocessed. It is high in protein and is the most fulfilling thing.

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